You’re Part Of The Problem If…

Where do you stand on the current issue of police brutality affecting our society?

You’re part of the problem If….

1. You think “ALL Law Enforcement Officers are racist”  (part of the problem)

2. Black Lives Matter movement is a terrorist group designed to be a war against LEO’s (part of the problem)

3. ALL white people or non black and brown are in fact racist (part of the problem)

4. “Black people are always complaining…” (part of the problem)

5. You think Black protestors (or black people in general) don’t respect Law Enforcement–hence that’s why they get hurt (part of the problem)

6. If you think because someone is not Black they can’t empathize with BLM (part of the problem)

7. “I know I saw the video…but I’m not sold yet”…(part of the problem)

8. “Black people are being ‘divisive’ when speaking about police brutality” (part of the problem)

9. “Those officers deserved it”…(part of the problem)

10. “Trayvon was a thug, George Zimmerman was protecting himself” or “Oscar Grant caused his own death” (part of the problem)

11. Saying ‘All Lives Matter’, especially in direct response to someone saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ (part of the problem)

12. “This stuff doesn’t involve me…so I stay out of it” (part of the problem)

13. You mention Chicago violence anytime the subject of police brutality comes up…..(part of the problem) NEW RULE ALERT: you can no longer reference Chicago violence if you have never donated time and money to stopping violence in Chicago….Chi-Town is not some foreign American city that is a convenient political talking point. Stop that! You’re straight violating!…but I digress

14. “There is NO such thing as privilege..” (part of the problem)

15. “There is no point in organizing (or even marching)…nothing is gonna change” (Your part of the problem) NEW RULE ALERT: you don’t get to criticize people who organize-however they decide to do it. Unless you put some skin in the game, you have no platform in which your criticism can stand. You’re an able body adult, so either step up, or shut up…but I digress

16. “Black and brown people commit most of the crimes that’s why they are always either arrested and/or pulled over…” (part of the problem)

17. “There is no racial issue, it’s a people issue” (part of the problem)

18. “Violence is the answer….” (part of the problem)

19. If you associate a criminal activity with an entire race-particularly people of color, that includes terrorism (part of the problem) NEW RULE ALERT: If you scapegoat an entire group for political, economical and societal issues, chances are you are a bigot, and you should own up to that.

20. If after reading this list, you STILL think there are no problems (part of the problem)

21. If you identified with anything on this list-and are unwilling to change (your a BIG part of the problem).

Bonus: “President Barack Obama is the reason behind ALL of this divisiveness” (Part of the problem).





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  1. BLM is cancer 2 years ago

    Nice guilt trip rhetoric. You know a bunch of these statements you stated that you disagree with are actually factual? Come back when you’re not brainwashed by leftist propaganda, maybe then YOU can stop being part of the problem.

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