Why You Should Try Forming a Study Group This Semester

By Jay Tellini


Once again, the Fall semester is right around the corner. It's time to put away the surf board and break out the 6-subject binder. Ugh. As the Summer comes to a close, it can be difficult to get yourself back into college mode. Before you know it, you will have met your new professors, jotted down copious amounts of notes, and started to prepare for that first exam. Doesn't the word "exam" just send shivers down your spine? To help soften the blow, we have some advice to help you get a grip on the material you will need to know. Here are five reasons why you should form a study group this semester:

You have access to more information:

The more minds you have in the room, the more notes you will have available to work with. Surely each of you will be missing at least a little bit of information from the lectures, and study groups allow you all to fill in those gaps with notes from others. The professor may have talked about some exam-relevant material that wasn’t up on a PowerPoint slide, so you or other members of the group can share information that might have been missed.

Some stuff will start to make more sense:

Have you ever found yourself memorizing a section of notes without having any idea what it actually meant? If you study alone, it can be really tough to get a handle on the concepts covered in class and how they pertain to the big picture. With a study group, everybody will be struggling along with you. If you each pitch just one idea or piece of information about what the material means, then it will begin making sense.

Almost everything that’s on the test will likely be discussed:

You might forget or lose some of your study tools if you work solo. If you have a bunch of people in the same room talking about the same material, there is a good chance that every important aspect of the exam will be covered.

You can quiz each other:

If Quizlet doesn’t have anything on your study topics, it can be tough to check your progress. Flashcards take forever to make, and you probably don’t have Alex Trebek stuffed in your drawer to give you the clues. Study groups allow you to test each other’s knowledge, and you can be asked questions you had not previously thought about.

It’s relaxing:

There’s nothing worse than listening to the sounds of study silence in your dormitory dungeon. It’s so quiet, every noise distracts you. The increasingly loud pounding of the clock’s second hand and the eerie dripping of the bathroom faucet leaves you with all the comforts of Alcatraz. Study groups take away all the stressful ambiance, as you have others to talk to in your otherwise dreadful hours of preparing for the test. Take a ten minute break every so often to ease the tensions of studying, which can help keep your mind focused without being overwhelmed.


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