Who Does Erykah Badu Make Music For? Women Like Me And You

Honored at the 2018 Soul Train Awards, Badu is a Living Legend, receiving the Legend Award.

The 2018 Soul Train Awards aired Sunday night and no time was wasted. The relationship between Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell, this year’s hosts of the awards show reminded me of my sista friends. Spanning several decades, mountain tops and valleys the bond between women was felt from the very start.

I can talk about relationships among black women all day, but I’m here to get all my ‘shea butta sista’s’ in formation.

Before tuning into the Soul Train Awards, I was unaware of Erykah Badu being this year’s Legend Award recipient. And rightfully so. Whether she’s your fav, problematic fav, or just problematic; there is no denying the energy and influence Serra Bellum aka Fat Belly Bella aka Maria Mexico aka Erykah Badu has had on various artist and most importantly the culture.

Badu’s acceptance speech, full of light and love, could be felt through my television screen. She was talking to me, the woman she makes music for. The incense burning, ‘let me meditate on it’, end my day with a cup of tea/can you stick your pinky finger in my tea, head wrap, lavender/sage deodorant wearing, eclectic and often mistaken, ‘I want to have a water birth’, God is a woman/God is me… kind of woman.

Next thing I know, Auntie Badu and I were telling someone’s son to call Tyrone.

Erykah Badu makes music for women like me and women like you. Whoever you may be.

Marley twists, a braid out, sew-in, perm or you’re living the cut life. The religious body hair waxers and the ladies letting it grow free. The vegans and the ‘I’m not eating meat this week’ ladies, or just us who enjoy good music. Baduola has something for us all, and the legend has received her flowers while she can still smell them.

Always checking in with the ladies, how yall feeling? And never forgetting the brutha’s, yall alright? Badu makes music for people like me; she didn’t forget about you too.

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