What’s Aching Kanye West?

While Kid Kudi and others are bringing awareness to Black Mental Health, Kanye likely needs an intervention.

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Kanye West is in the media again and again for the same reasons: Bizarre behavior. Because his name also represents the new adjective “Kanye,” we sweep it away as if his outbursts and rants are “normal.” I mean, it’s Kanye *insert Kanye shrug*.


Kanye has been hospitalized by a psychotic break so severe, that nearly a week later, he’s still not able to go home.


“We” are not shocked because we saw this coming years ago. Could it be that the collective “we” is the reason why Kanye is in the hospital now dealing with a mental breakdown?


Can we agree he’s been crying out for a while now? What aching Kanye? This is a true #mandown situation. Media reports that as the 9th anniversary of his mother’s death was approaching, he seemed to be getting weirder.


Can we talk about the fact that he has never truly gotten over his mother’s death?


Before Donda West, his mother passed away, we all loved Kanye. He was the Chance the Rapper of our time, promoting black excellence, education, and entrepreneurship. He was also inspiring and marked a sense of hope for his generation.


What happened?



He ended his engagement to long-time girlfriend and fashion designer, Alexis Phifer shortly after the death of his mother. I bet she could shed a lot of insight into the “Kanye situation,” but I digress.


The Late Registration and College Dropout MC began a downward spiral into a deep depression from going totally left by dating the outlandish Amber Rose to the drunken rant at the MTV VMA’s when he snatched the mic from Taylor Swift while reciting her acceptance speech.


Things got worse and weirder. And you wondered who was ‘his people’? Like publicist, manager, a friend maybe? Kanye needed an intervention then.


When celebs have too many “yes people” around they are bound to start sabotaging themselves. Which begs the question to said “people,” why do you enable bad behavior? Do you realize it’s a reflection of your lack of confidence in your job to keep them:


  • On message
  • In line with branding
  • Consistent with imaging
  • Manageable and media trained


Not to say that you are in control of one’s behavior but you shouldn’t be afraid to exit stage left when they start going off the rails. I suspect this could be the case with Kanye.


But mental illness is real, and we should have been concerned when Kanye started comparing himself to Jesus. I mean, he calls himself Yesus/Yeezy. Nevertheless, while it’s easy to be tempted to abandon him in his darkest hour, we can’t.


Celebrities are extending their overwhelming support of Kanye like O’shea Jackson, Jr., Ice Cube’s son.



And though Kanye does rant often, a writer from The New York Times describes these rants as being like sermons, part Vince Lombardi, part Tony Robbins, part Martin Luther King Jr., we can deny the impact he’s had on pop culture both on and off message.


Get well Kanye. You’re in our prayers.



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