Want to Know Black Businesses in Your Area?

This site has gathered local black businesses from across the nation and organized them

With the buying power of $1 trillion African Americans is the most powerful consumer group in America. Many have said that the power of the minority group has the power to overturn the American economy. This starts with supporting black owned businesses.

In the wake of the death of Alton Sterling and his murder in Louisiana many protesters stopped shopping at non-black businesses and the results made a clear point. Even Solange Knowles changed her banking to a local black b bank. With that being said, finding black-owned businesses is not always the easiest thing.

Luckily black-exchange.com is a site that is collectively gathering and advertising black-owned businesses around the country.

On the site clothing, beauty products, tea sellers and more can be found amongst the pages of the site as well as detailed searches depending on the location.

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