Viola Davis and Steph Curry Team Together As Executive Producers of Charleston Church Shooting Documentary, ‘Emanuel’

The documentary features interviews with survivors and family members as they recall the 2015 shooting carried out by Dylann Roof

Viola Davis and Steph Curry sign on to executive produce Emanuel, a documentary about the 2015 Charleston church shooting. Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions also come on board as executive producers.

The documentary is set to feature interviews from the nine victims‘ families as well as survivors. Truly authentic in its approach, the documentary was made in alliance with the city of Charleston and the victims’ families.

Curry had this to say about his Unanimous Media Banner:

“Emanuel is an incredibly powerful film and we’re honored to come on board as executive producers. The documentary highlights how a horrible tragedy can bring a community together, and spreads an important message about the power of forgiveness. Stories like this are the reason we created Unanimous and entered the entertainment space. I hope the film inspires others like it does me.”

Dylann Roof, the gunman, was sentenced to death after being found guilty of 33 counts for the hate crime he committed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Davis announced joining the team through JuVee Productions while the two released a statement saying:

“That evening, a routine Bible study at Emanuel Church was a soft target based solely on the racial profile of the congregation. We, along with the country, grieved each family’s loss. Yet, miraculously, from this devastation we witnessed tremendous benchmarks of humanity. The survivors found courage to love in the face of hate. JuVee is proud to be a part of this healing and truth telling along with Unanimous Media, Brian Ivie and John Shepherd.”

Directed by Brian Ivie, the film is described as a “poignant story of justice and faith, love and hate, and the healing power of forgiveness.”

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