Valentines’ Day Fashion Tips

By Dr. Denise Y. Mose

We often find ourselves making difficult decisions: Lipstick or no Lipstick? Tie or no tie? Pumps or stilettos? When it comes to fashion we can all use a little inspiration. Valentine’s Day is the one night of the year where your wardrobe must be perfect! Whether this is a “date night” for you and your special person or it’s a time-honored tradition to the seasoned couples out there, you need to look fabulous! So, to my men and women, pay close attention. The Doctor is in…


1. Yes, everyone is going to wear red, but you don’t have to. Consider a soft pink cocktail dress or a traditional LBD (Little Black Dress) with a killer red necklace accented with stiletto heels. Keep in mind that your outfit needs to look perfect at the beginning of the evening all the way until the night is over.

2. Avoid heavy make-up! You are going out at night and the restaurant will be dimly lit. Stick to soft hues around the eyes and clear lip gloss only. No red lipstick!

3. Hair! Whatever you do, make sure it compliments the outfit. A nice up-do is always fun or a cute bob cut to show off that radiant neck of yours.

4. Nails: get them done. The ”tried and true” French Manicure wins every time. This is not the night to explore with the fire engine red nails. Less is more.


1. Yes, ladies love roses, but please be more creative than that. My suggestion is a small mesh bag of silver Hershey’s Chocolate kisses. It’s unique and you might get your own kiss!

2. Wardrobe. Ok, this is dinner, so you need to look amazing. Trust me, she will! So, you don’t have to wear a tie; just make sure your trousers fit nicely. The jacket should flatter your arms and chest. A nice ironed shirt underneath is an added bonus.

3. Please visit the barbershop 24 hours before your date. This gives you plenty of time to get any extra hair off of you or on your clothes. Women will notice!

4. Guess what? Get your nails cleaned and washed. I did not say a manicure, but those folks are in business for a reason. Go see them, quickly.

Special Tip: For the men and women out there, your night would not be complete without the perfect fragrance. Visit to purchase your latest bottle of Simply D Perfume and to purchase a bottle of Daniel. The doctor has spoken and now it’s time to take my fashion tips and make this Valentine’s Day the best ever!



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