Using the Law of Attraction to Improve Your Daily Life

The Most Effective Life Hack

This is not a relationship guide; it’s a guide to help those grasp the power of awareness and creation through feelings and attitudes. It’s simple. Individuals struggling to sustain positivity in their lives have trouble realizing that feelings have a significant impact on what energy they attract. The general concept is: Good thoughts and feelings attract good circumstances; bad feelings attract bad circumstances. By using this formula, we choose which route we are going to go based on how we feel throughout the course of the day.

Have you ever felt that your day was spiraling out of control and every aspect of it was negative? Rewind back to this morning when you got out of bed. You were agitated because it was your off day but your job requested that you come in due to short staff. The worse thing that people can do is wake up in a bad mood. You are on the frequency of negative feelings such as irritation and grumpiness and the circumstances that run into you will mirror that same exact frequency. By dragging those irritable feelings on the way to work, there is excessive traffic due to a car accident causing you to be late. Now disappointed and infuriated, you sit in traffic and burn your mouth sipping your coffee too quickly, flinch and spill it on your white, crisp button-down shirt. Thinking the day couldn’t possibly get any worse, you finally arrive to work with those same cranky feelings to discover a write up on your desk for being late. In every situation, there is a choice: to choose good or bad feelings. By continuously choosing to be annoyed all day lured the negative circumstances that came across your path. It becomes an inescapable cycle and will not change unless you change how you feel.

Have you ever felt that your day was amazing and just when you thought it could not get any better, astonishingly it did? You started your day on a positive frequency feeling gratitude that you were given life this morning. You are aware that you choose what type of day you have and today you choose to have a remarkable one, however, each situation surprises you. Today is your day off and you decide to meet some friends at your favorite restaurant for brunch. Every one has finished their food and you wave the waitress over for your tab. She comes over to announce that an incredibly generous man took care of the whole table’s bill and messaged for everyone to have a good day and requested for them to pass on the good deed. You and everyone around you is on a good feeling frequency, and attracted this positive, heart-warming circumstance. This cycle will continue as long as your feelings remain the same.

Be cognizant that any attitude that is put into the universe is sent back to you clothed in circumstances. The law of attraction is not a whimsical theory, and it is not just coincidence. Every thing that happens to us is by design. Situations are not happening to you, they are responding to your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. The faster you realize this truth is the faster you can take control and start genuinely living.


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