United Airlines Under Fire Once Again

Forget Rosa Parks, You Gone Give Up This Seat Today


Concentration camps are now “Holocaust centers” and we all know alternative facts are just a fancier way of telling a lie. It feels like someone just tried to put cheese wiz on top of saltines and pass them for hors d’oeuvres and I’m hip to the shenanigans.

In 2k17 we have evolved from Rosa Parkin’ our seats and the man has clearly said “oh you don’t want to get up, we’ll just drag you.” I’m sure by now you have all seen the viral video of Dr. David Dao being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight that was overbooked. Just in case you’ve missed it, that was literally the jest. Dao, who paid for a ticket, who has places to go and has time just as valuable as the next gets knocked unconscious, drug off a plane and his wife along with all the other passengers are in obvious disbelief.

After watching the video, many things came into question.

First, of all the people on the plane you could have asked why just focus your attention on this one family? Granted no one wants to volunteer their seat when planning a trip is a hassle. Getting and going through the airport, having to wait for everyone to put their bag they know they should’ve checked into baggage claim overhead is a task on its own. After going through all that I have to get back off, it would have been a no for me too! Go harass someone else my man, cause I’m not the one— not today, not ever.

Second, we obviously live in a technologically driven age hence all the footage of the incident. You can hear in the background the shock and awe of passengers witnessing this sh*t show. But did anybody think to intervene, say something to security on behalf of this man and his wife? Wypipo… when are we, and when I say we I mean you all going to stop fake caring about what happens to POC? Use your privilege to you know… do something tangible!

Lastly, the icing on the cake thus far. It’s time for United Airlines’ public relations director to get the boot. An email has been released to the staff of the airline. In it we can clearly see the infamous victim blame game. Really United Airlines, really?Mr. Oscar Munoz, how does it look when the public catches wind of you saying

“While I deeply regret this situation arose, I emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

Fly right or fly white? Oh, okay!

Look, this is not United Airlines’ first role in the hay. It probably won’t be their last incident either. I’m just ready for someone to make Soul Plane a real thing. That way we can get to where we need to go and turn up on the way.

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