Tulsa Real Estate Fund Seeks To Utilize The Principles Of Black Wallstreet

A new real estate fund is launching with the commitment of rebuilding undeserved communities

Why Tulsa? Why real estate? Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma was home to the legendary “Black Wall Street”, an African-American community housing prominent figures such as doctors, lawyers, realtors and businessmen. Tulsa, Oklahoma’s segregated community allowed the citizens to cultivate their own businesses and wealth— with the black dollar staying in the community well over a year before circulating elsewhere. The epitome of black wealth and community resided in this neighborhood until its destruction in 1921.

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund, TREF is a government regulated $50 million-dollar fund that finances urban redevelopment around the world, specifically the United States. This crowdfunding vehicle allows the urban community to utilize their dollars to actively and effectively control our communities. The effort from TREF consciously halts, and aims to put an end to gentrification of our neighborhoods.

Retired NFL player Roddy White and Tulsa Real Estate Fund Founder Jay Morrison together following the press conference.


Gentrification, a process of renovating and improving housing and districts for the conformity of middle class standards has been seen in many communities across the country.

By implementing Project Rebuild, TREF will put people back to work by rehabilitating homes, businesses and communities. This effort will bring in expertise and capital from the private sector. Allotting a focus on commercial and residential property improvements and expanding innovative property solutions like land banks.

Many notable faces attended the TREF press conference, held at The Center for Civil & Human Rights. Actress and activist Ernestine Johnson moderated the event. Other notable attends included Former Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver and Founder of the Keep the Faith Foundation Roddy White, as well as Comedian DC Young Fly. The event culminated with an impassioned message from  Jay Morrison, Founder of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund and the Jay Morrison Academy.

Comedian and Entertainer DC Young Fly sharing his personal story with the attendees.

The news conference alerted the press and community of the economic opportunities available to re-invest and stabilize communities affected or potentially affected by gentrification. Beyond this effort, the conference allotted its participants to share stories of their own communities and the perseverance of growing and expanding our neighborhoods and economy. The fund is expected to launch this Fall.

For more information on how to get involved, you can visit: http://www.tulsarealestatefund.com/

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