Transitioning Into Adulthood with ADLT 101 Founder Jennifer Jackson

The Millennial transition coach reminds us that life after college is a continuous learning process

Who learned about interest rates and a 401K in high school or college? Who wishes they knew more about that now? Jennifer Jackson, the founder of ADLT 101, is sharing her insight on how to transition into adulthood. Not a simple task for most of my millennial counterparts, the post-college transition leaves some grads in an unexpected funk. Whether you’re moving to a new city, apartment hunting, saving up for a new car or simply trying to manage the process of paying monthly bills, there are things young adults aren’t prepared for that leave us scratching our heads.

A millennial transition coach, Jackson found herself scrambling into adulthood after graduating college. “I was told to go to school, get good grades, and get a job,” says Jackson. As a recent college grad myself, the bells began to ring. What did I learn in college that would help me in the real world? I wouldn’t be using the Pythagorean Theorem every day, but I did need to know about personal finance. Envisioning herself as an entrepreneur, but not quite knowing what that looked like, Jackson took her lessons learned and created ADLT 101. Jackson hosts workshops, equipped with a workbook on personal finance and money management strategies, such as how to buy a car.


Life in The Real World

“What works for one, won’t work for all,” said Jackson when asked about advising Gen Z and millennial clients. Relaying information and letting people decide on their own is what yields positive results on an individual basis. Jackson reflects on her time in school saying, “I was good at doing what I was told.” Something many of us find relatable. Young adults go to school to obtain a degree and pay bills, but what does that look like? “Money management and personal financial decisions are just as important, if not more important than getting all A’s.”

Jackson has had an overwhelmingly positive response since launching ADLT 101. Hosting workshops on various college campuses and universities, Jackson has heard the struggles directly from the source. “As a millennial, I was particularly interested in what my peers found most difficult about the transition to adulthood. Buying a car, interest rates, insurance, car maintenance, personal finance, 401K…being informed in general”, admitted Jackson. I found myself in the same boat with the majority of those in attendance at her workshops.


How To Be An Adult

The more we talked, the more I wondered how Jennifer, a millennial herself, gained all her knowledge. “I sat on the phone with an insurance agent, asked question after question until I felt I was informed enough to make a decision,” said Jackson. Not wanting all of us to have to go through the same routine, she compiled her insights to provide other millennials with the resources they needed to do the same.

Looking to launch an “Adulting Academy” in the Fall, Jackson plans to bring in other experts to expound on various topics while providing resources for those in attendance.  Sounding a little cliché, Jackson emphasized that “knowledge is power.” Although transitioning to adulthood feels intimidating and there is a lot you don’t know, enjoy the journey.

Jennifer can be found on all social media platforms @adlt_101, as she mentions “I do check my DM’s.” ADLT 101 is just what generation Z and millennials need to transition into the inevitable adulthood we couldn’t wait for once upon a time.

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