Top 5 Things Women Shouldn’t Wear on an Interview

By Michelle Macauda

Dressing appropriately for an interview can help to make a good first impression. Your future employer makes judgment of you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you.

My experience with interviewing for the last two years, I’ve noticed those who dress the part seem to be more serious about the job. The first time an employer may see you after your resume has been reviewed is at the interview.

Dressing for the position reflects who you are as a person and how serious you are. Here are some don’ts about dressing for an interview.









1.The Only Time in Life You Want to be Basic
If the outfit choice you are going to make might seem suitable for a night out or for lounging on the couch, your best bet is to not wear it. Don’t wear anything too short, low cut and  inappropriate for day time use. A popular trend for women now is leggings. No leggings ladies, those are basically tight fitting pajama pants.

Keep your outfit choices simple and basic. Business professional is a safe and reliable choice. A dress pant, fitted skirt, button down shirt, simple blouse and or a blazer, are some items that would be a presentable option to wear.

Bright Dress







2. Let Your Personality Shine, Not the Colors of Your Clothes
Yes, your future employer will be more concerned with your personality and how you are as a worker. But, do not wear anything too distracting. The electric green blazer you own and those hot pink heels might need to sit this one out.

Try to wear simple colors like black, white or navy blue. It is okay to throw in some color, but be mindful of what colors you choose. Light pastels and florals are a nice compliment to an all black outfit.







3. No Need to Look Like Two Chains, Just Wear One
There is no reason that you should have on all the jewelry you own. Multiple rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be very distracting. All this over accessorizing can take away from your professional demeanor.

Less is more in this situation. Wear a classic watch and choose two other items to wear to compliment your outfit. Remember, it’s a job interview not a night out.









4. No Wrinkles and No Stains, Please!
The most distracting and unprofessional detail of dressing properly is not having clean and pressed clothes. Clothing that is wrinkled and stained can show how much time you didn’t put into preparing for the interview.

Planning outfits ahead of time can insure that these problems do not arise. Purchasing new items can help defer this issue. Also, by taking the time to check over your outfit can insure if it needs to be ironed or not worn at all.

Make Up








5. This isn’t a Job to be a Clown, So Tone Down the Make-Up
When it comes to wearing make-up on an interview it is best to keep the bright and dark colors at home. Try to reframe from using anything that is too distracting. Red lipstick and black smokey eyes should be left for any other time than this interview.

If you’re going to wear make-up, keep it simple and natural. Put your best self first and don’t hide it with lots of dramatic make-up.

The reason we all go on interviews is to get a job. So, don’t do anything to jeopardize it by not keeping it simple. Stay positive, be natural and don’t forget to smilie. Be yourself during the interview and don’t let silly mistakes hold you back from achieving your goals in life.


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