10 Things You Realize After Graduating College


By Michelle Rose Macauda 


Graduating college is a mile-stone in anyone’s life. It shows the hard work and dedication you put in to completing a goal and earning a degree in a field you love, hopefully.

College is now over and you think to yourself what now? Does this mean I need to move out and pay bills? How long will it take to find a job? What are my friends doing?

Those among other questions are what most college graduates are thinking after they have finished school.

  1. Time to Move Back Home or Move Out

Now that you have graduated college, it is time to either move out or come back home. For some college graduates the adjustment from being away on your own for the last four years and moving back in with your parents can be a shock. Being away at school meant you could stay up or stay out as late as you pleased. You didn’t have to check in with mom and dad.

Your parents place is how you left it, but now with more rules since you are older. They expect you to be more responsible and act like an adult. They know you can legally drink now but coming home drunk isn’t going to make them proud that you learned how to keep down a few beers in college. Remember, this isn’t your dorm room and your roommates are now your parents. And if things couldn’t get any better, your younger sibling took over your room while you were away at college.

2. How to Manage Your Money Wisely

There is one class that isn’t offered at college, How to Save and Manage Your Money 1001. We all know that we need to save and put money away for our future, but you really want the new iPhone that has just been released. You know if you buy that new phone you will be broke, but wont you feel really cool? You have to learn to let the needs outweigh the wants. Money-Management

Planning your money efficiently can allow you to buy the things you want after you have saved for them. Now that you are a college grad, you will need to be able to save money and manage money because soon you will be on your own. Bills and expenses are real things. You can’t have Chipotle for dinner every night, its expensive and making food is much cheaper. So, learning how to save and control spending is going to be a skill you will need to learn.

3. You’re Not Even Sure What Career You Want

Yay you graduated! But, everyone keeps asking what you want to do and where you want to work. Your jaw drops and you are unsure how to answer this question. It’s okay that you may not be sure of what you want to do next. Take some time to figure it out.

Exploring and reviewing job postings and internships can help to figure out where your future is headed. Putting your resume out there and gaining experience can help you make a better decision on what career to choose.

4. Having a Bachelors Degree Doesnt Set You Apart

Receiving a bachelor’s degree is a great accomplishment. It took you four years, or maybe longer and a lot of hard work to achieve your degree. Several thousand other recent college graduates have received degrees and or maybe the same degree as you. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree doesn’t give you a guarantee to gain a job after college.

Most people have a degree and many can have the same as you. Starting to understand how you can set yourself a part from others is going to be key.

5. Master’s Program?

You might be thinking you just graduated from being in school for the last fours years and you’re extremely happy to be done. Why on earth would you want to go back?

This is something you should think about because this could give you an edge when applying for future jobs and further educating yourself. You are young and may not have a job in the career of your choice, so why not make it more possible for you to gain that job.

6. Youre Really An Adult Now

You thought when you turned 18 you were officially an adult. But, when you graduate college and you are expected to find a job and be responsible is when you really start to be an adult.

Everyone is pressuring you to find a job, pay your own bills, eventually find your own place and learn how to do your own laundry. It’s time do things on your own and take reasonability for your actions. College, and the long party that lasted four years, are now over. It’s time to figure out the next chapter in your life.

7. Debt Starts In Six Months

All the generous envelopes that were handed to you after graduating shouldn’t be spent all at once. Loans need to be paid off and they start sooner than you think.

You can defer your loans for only a short amount of time, but you will have to pay them back at some time and interest on top of loans is only going to make the amount grow.

8. A Job Is Not Waiting For You

In a perfect world, you would graduate and then there would be a job waiting for you. That scenario isn’t true and unfortunately we need to go out on our own to find a job. Applying for anything, everywhere and anywhere, might be a good place to start. Updating your resume will give you a boost as well.

Internships are a great way to gain jobs. Starting as an intern you could potentially gain the opportunity for a full time position. Not matter what it is, you need to put your best self first and work hard for what you want.

9. You Need To Know How to Brand Yourself

Your resume isn’t going to land you the job. It is you who will land the job. Many people heavily rely on their resume to make them look good. You need to know how to make the information on that page relevant to the job you are interviewing for. Branding yourself is very similar to how companies brand their products.

You need to tailor your experience and education to the job you are applying for. Most people don’t understand how to do this. For example, the only job experience could have been working at a fast food restaurant and maybe you worked there for a few years. To just say you took orders and cooked food doesn’t help you land a job. But, by saying you are great at multi-tasking by being able to juggle taking orders, giving excellent customer service, and packaging to go orders can show how much you can handle at one time efficiently. Learning how to brand yourself is extremely important for after college.Dream Job

10. The Learning Hasnt Stopped

Just because you have graduated college and may not plan on getting your master’s degree doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Continuing your education is very important. Any information about your degree or in the field of your specialty is a great way to stay current.

The world is always changing and evolving. Education and the job world are moving too. Try to stay current with the news, cultural experiences and information regarding your field, so you don’t fall behind.


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