The Take-Over #GeminiSeason (May 21st – June 20th )

By Makeda Ray

There’s absolutely no denying the popularity of horoscopes and zodiac signs in our generation, we are obsessed with it! The zodiac has become such a part of our everyday lives; it unnoticeably sneaks into our daily conversations and captivates our thoughts and behavior. We use zodiac signs for dating or before getting to know another person, as excuses or reasons for our behavior, and some even go as far to use them to dictate the type of attitude or mood they will have at a particular day or time. Some are devout followers of the art of horoscope and truly believe that astrology can be used to predict the future, while others tend to see it solely as a form of entertainment No matter what spectrum your belief lies on, at the end of the day, if someone puts down your zodiac sign you will represent your sign to the fullest! Our generation goes HARD for their zodiac signs! If someone starts a debate about the quality of your sign, you will have a full five-paragraph essay ready with a thesis statement, an introduction, and a conclusion, with persuading facts and opinions on why our sign is the best. So again, to deny the power of the zodiac trend is nonviable, and with that being said, I am here to shed recognition on the current zodiac season that is upon us, the infamous #GeminiSeason.

For those who aren’t aware, Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac, and their season starts on May 21st and continues until June 20th. Over the years, we’ve associated the Gemini with quite a few contradictory labels. When most people think of Gemini they think “twins”,” two-faced”, “talkative”, or (the one I love the most), “crazy”. Personally, when I think of Gemini’s I think “the best of both worlds”. Geminis can easily see both sides of an issue, which is a very practical trait to have. They are known to be multi-talented, taking interest and having a flair for many different things. They’re also very intellectual, providing the most stimulating conversations, and, contrary to popular belief though highly intellectual, they are known to be the life of the party! A bookworm and socialite? Leave it to Gemini to break societal norms. Consequently, because they can easily assimilate to their surroundings the Gemini is often misjudged or misunderstood, but all the greats are, right? In honor of their season I have provided a list of some of our most famous celebrities who you may or may not know were born under the sign of Gemini. I’ll let you be the judge of how well each individual represents their birth-right.

Marilyn Monroe: June 1st     

Marilyn Monroe : June 1st  Actress, Model, Feminist Icon, Singer

Actress, Model, Feminist Icon, Singer









Tupac Shakur: June 16th

Tupac Shakur: June 16th Rap Icon, Poet, Activist, Actor

Rap Icon, Poet, Activist, Actor







Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (aka The Olsen Twins): June 13th 

Actresses, Fashion Designers, Singers









Naomi Campbell: May 22nd

Supermodel, Fashion Icon, Singer, Author

Supermodel, Fashion Icon, Singer, Author










Prince: June 7th


Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instumentalist, Record Producer, Dancer, Actor, Film Director








Angelina Jolie: June 4th

Academy-Award winning Actress, Film Maker, Humanitarian

Academy-Award winning Actress, Film Maker, Humanitarian







Kanye West :  June 8th   

Grammy winner, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur








What do these people have in common other than their zodiac sign? Most will quickly jump at how they’ve been, at some point in their lives, the root of some type of controversy with the media, and there’s no need to touch on those subjects because we know what they are. However, no matter how much the public tries to drag their names through the mud, there is no denying that every one of these individuals are extraordinarily talented and have made phenomenal contributions in their fields. They’ll be remembered one way or another, and that’s a true legend. Infamous. #GeminiSeason

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