The Little Box That Encourages Brilliant Black Women To Keep On Doing Big Things

Successful women team up to facilitate the success of their up-and-coming peers.

Entrepreneur Chana Ginelle Ewing

After culling ideas from the massive success of her Michelle O Brunch event series, Chana Ewing couldn’t drop her GeenieBox idea. (source)

Women are constantly on the rise, a fact GeenieBox mastermind Chana Ginelle Ewing is well aware of. Her new monthly subscription “knowledge box” endeavors to support black women as they strive towards excellence.

GeenieBox, checking out at $29.95 a month, brings out the best in female leaders who’ve already made a name for themselves in order to push subscribers towards their dreams. Each month a dynamic and uplifting black woman known as a “Geenie” curates a box of items that helped her along her own journey towards success. This means the boxes can include anything from books to styling products – anything instrumental to the success of the box curator.

Ewing, who already made a name for herself with her Michelle O Brunch project – a series of brunches themed to honor enterprising black women, such as the FLOTUS herself – says that she “created GeenieBox to discover and share the magic that powers iconic black women.” Ewing was inspired by the brilliant friendship and business connections that she made during the Michelle O Brunch event series, which was centered in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.

This month marks the first GeenieBox mailing: entrepreneur, investor, author, Quit Your Day Job co-host and mother Lauren Maillian will be the Geenie who curates it. At age 19 she became the youngest self-made winery owner in the country, and after the acquisition of the brand in 2011 she became the founding partner and managing director of an early stage venture firm, Gen Y Capital Partners.

Lauren Maillian

Lauren Maillian, a woman on the rise since age 19, will be the first to curate a GeenieBox. (source)

Maillian is very excited about her role in the GeenieBox debut, saying, “My March Box is curated to showcase my #BlackGirlMagic from a distinctively Harlem-based point of view.”

Embrace the genius of Black Girl Magic and subscribe to GeenieBox today!

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