Tech Innovator Joey Womack Lifts as He Climbs

Co-Founder of Goodie Nation and Amplify4Good, he's on a Mission to Impact over 1 Billion Lives for Good

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team_joeyJoey Womack is a rebel. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but he truly embodies the entire concept of what being a rebel should be about.


As a lover of archetypes, I specifically do extensive research on brands using the book, Archetypes in Branding as the primary tool in my laser analysis. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to sit with Joey, get into his mind and experience the complex, scientific equations that he processes before he answers questions and how he approaches his mission. And as the to-the-point-definition suggests, he is a force and represents the voice of the professional who’s fed up with those who talk a good game but can’t follow through.


His company, Goodie Nation, is precisely known for producing “Goodie Hacks” or Hackathons. They’ve already produced 12 this year with the goal of building tribes to engage them in an innovative process designed to reduce inequality gaps in the areas of Economic Development, Education, Health, and Public Safety.


They have worked with notable organizations, General Assembly, TechSquare Labs, Google, City of Charlotte, Rainbow Push Coalition, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., Be The Match, United Negro College Fund and Geeked Memphis, just to name a few. They are well on their way to reaching over 200,000 people through their work.


I caught up with Joey at his hackathon addressing the issue of gentrification in Atlanta. The room was packed end-to-end with a very diverse set of people from different racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds stacked with a panel of experts at the helm of the movement inclusive of members of the Atlanta Beltline. Since that time, two prominent board members have resigned due to concerns about lack of the Beltline addressing affordable housing in a real way.


The motivation behind this particular hackathon was to address the lack of affordable housing and job creation exposed and at near crisis-level in and around the Beltline. Womack admits, the sudden burst of interest in city living occurred abruptly. “When I lived by Turner Field, it used to take me seven minutes to get to Interstate 75 or 85, and it began to increase over time. That’s when I started noticing all the construction which points to a growing economy.”



At the same time, Joey pondered where were the jobs going and who were getting them. “The Beltline used to be African-American neighborhoods, now it’s not,” he reflects. “It really hit me [things were changing] when they started talking about hits that the AUC started taking.” Referring to houses being purchased for pennies on the dollar and slated for demolition to fit the newly designed architectural plans of the growing Beltline.
It moved him to do something, a common theme for the four quadrants of interest his company designs their programs around.



Joey was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 2002 when he launched as a graduate student at Florida A&M University. He grew the site to 80,000 subscribers/users and advertised thousands of events for Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and high-profile promoters during special events weekends like NBA All-Star, Super Bowl, and Essence Music Festival.


With his background, his expertise intersects entrepreneurship, technology, and entertainment. He has a knack for bringing large groups together for nightlife and social vibing, but now he’s turned his attention to becoming a world leader in empowering individuals to solve problems for underserved communities globally.



“We believe that our communities already have the resources within them to make the change we want to see happen, but the ‘changemaker ecosystem’ is highly inefficient,” he explains. “Therefore, we’ve developed programming to serve as platforms and networks, which foster continued collaboration and support.”



Global companies and leaders have taken note of his expertise and abilities to build tribes of innovative leaders to create technology-based solutions to our most pressing needs as humans. He has been named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Alumni and received an Outstanding Alumni during FAMU’s Quasquicentennial (125th) Anniversary Celebration. He’s also been recognized in The Root, The Network Journal and Technology-based media outlets such as and Hypepotamus and Viacom as a Trailblazer for “New Atlanta.”


When asked if he believes that he’s making a difference through these innovative labs he says, “Yes, I do. It starts by actively searching for the places where the greatest needs exist, and using the assets at our disposal, the people, combined with a culture of out-of-the-box thinking, rapid experimentation, and obsessive data tracking to solve them in short bursts.


To participate in the next Goodie Hack or to learn more about Joey, visit Joey.Digital.


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