Founder/ President

A humbled servant striving to use my gifts to inspire others to want more, do more and achieve more, so that one day, they will ultimately BE more!

John Salley
Chief Visionary Officer

An American retired professional basketball player, actor and talk show host. He was the first player in NBA history to play on three different championship-winning franchises, as well as the first player in the NBA to win a championship in three different decades.

Tamika Morrison
Chief Content Strategist

Prior to joining RYSE, Tamika founded the T. Morrison Agency – A boutique PR Firm that focused on assisting clients (celebrities and entrepreneurs) with brand development, management and strategic marketing implementation. Tamika is responsible for the strategic direction of the content for RYSE

Mike Felix
Chief Technology Officer

Business Development and Project Management professional possessing 7+ years of software systems engineering and web design/development experience within public, private and non-profit sectors.

Kevin Holden
Director of Original Programming

Kevin is filmmaker who comes to RYSE by way of Walt Disney Entertainment, Universal Studios Entertainment and the NBA’s Orlando Magic Broadcasting.

Creative Director

An award-winning digital graphics designer who previously served as the Art Director for several major publications, Jason is responsible for the visual creative direction of RYSE.

Director of Infrastructure/ IT Security

Andre has over 10 years of experience in Tech and Start-ups ranging from the advanced tech in the US Air Force to building his own educational software company Live 2 Learn Differently. His is a proud graduate of Morris Brown College and Cornell University.

Tim Stephens
Director of Sales

A former Detroit native, Tim is responsible for managing all the advertising and sponsorship related activities for RYSE.

Nancy Brown
Feature Photographer

A true perfectionist at her craft, Nancy’s gift – Capturing the essence of life in still photography.

Tracy Love
Graphic Designer

A creative graphic designer with knowledge of 2-d and 3-d animation, web design and video editing. Tracy is a firm believer that if you are going to put effort into doing something, then you should give 110%.

DeJuan Turner
Graphic Designer

A creative young male originally from Raleigh, North Carolina who loves typography, gummy worms, and minimalistic designs. Pursing a career in Art Direction within the creative industry.

Rachel George
Associate Editor

Rachel George is a published writer with a passion for success and zest for life. She’s working to become an influence in society while becoming a phenomenal woman.

RYSE Feature Writer - Jai Danielle
Associate Editor
Jai Danielle is a writer based in Tennessee. Her work focuses on the intersection of gender, race, sexuality, and pop culture.
Lauren Everett
Feature Writer

21 year-old pro-black feminist from Atlanta, GA. Studying to be a citizen of the world, all while trying to find the perfect place to eat.

Aaron Fogelson - RYSE Feature Writer
Feature Writer
Aaron Fogelson is an undergraduate at Harvard University studying English and Film. Aaron aspires to one day be a comedian/ screenwriter as his gift is to make people smile.
Adriana Lozano
Feature Writer

Adriana Lozano is a creative type with a passion for writing, fashion, traveling and yoga (not necessarily in that order.) She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English in hopes to become a published writer and author.

RYSE Feature - Amber Johnson
Feature Writer

Amber Johnson is an aspiring filmmaker, human rights activist, freelance writer and avid day dreamer. She looks forward to a world without injustice, poverty and bad hair days.

Brandi Addison
Feature Writer

Just another Journalism major in Texas, inspired by the medias in New York and Boston, driven to someday write in D.C., hoping my words reach even further than this country, and aspiring to become something even bigger than that. I #StandUp2Cancer for my uncle.

Bryanna Briley
Freature Writer

Bryanna Briley is a sophomore at a quirky institution called St. John’s College. In between reading the great books of dead old white guys and attempting to build a racial dialogue on her campus, she always finds time to write potentially awful poetry.

Denise Mose
Feature Writer

Denise is an original member of Team RYSE since 2011. A gifted writer who is skillful with a pen, Denise ensures that RYSE delivers stories that are empowering, as well as impactful.


Feature Writer

Isabella Beaupré is a Milwaukee-based writer and artist working to organize against oppression and fight for race, gender and class justice.

Jessica Kirby
Feature Writer
Kimani Hayes
Feature Writer

Kimani is an 18 year old freshman at Morehouse College. He is a lover of cereal and movies.

Feature Writer

Kori Thompson is an 18 year old student of life. She hopes to help the progression of the oppressed one written word at a time.

Neely Terrell
Feature Writer

Neely Terrell thrives off Jesus, creative writing, imagination, optimism, and sweets. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and is a full-time academic librarian and author.

Samantha Di Paolo
Feature Writer
Sarai Thompson
Feature Writer

What do you get when you mix youth, curiosity, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson; alumni of Georgia State University, and a first generation Jamaican American using Atlanta as her foundation for success.

Taylor Carlington
Feature Writer

Taylor Carlington is a Journalism and Marketing Communications student at Emerson College who enjoys writing about social issues and pop culture.


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