Students are #StillConcerned at Mizzou

University of Missouri students

Months after racial fireworks were set off at the University of Missouri, Mizzou students still have questions. This week on Twitter, the hashtag #StillConcerned could be seen all over timelines, making it clear that unity still could not be found anywhere on the campus.

Many students used the hashtag to explain how they were #StillConcerned about the lack of action being taken by the university to give black students basic rights that every student deserves: equal opportunities, representation among the staff, and an environment free of blatant racism and discrimination. However, other students at Mizzou used the hashtag to voice their alternate opinion on the matter and spoke about how they believed the racial issues on campus are not important enough problem to cost the school and state so much money and time.

Black Mizzou students have been reportedly dealing with racial issues on campus for many years, and the lack of action taken to eliminate it shows how little black students are prioritized--not only at that university, but within the education system at large. As students, all black young adults should be able to receive a quality education at any university or college with equal opportunity to succeed on that college campus regardless of race. And yes, race is the issue here.

Many black Mizzou students have come forth and shared their experience of having racial slurs thrown their way. Where are the hate crime policies? These students have rightfully voiced their demand of getting more black faculty members that would better assist them through the journey of their education. Why do black faculty members still make up only 3.25% of all faculty? These students have rightfully asked to be a priority to the university they attend. Why is institutional racism still alive on this campus?

Black Mizzou students (as well as other universities around the nation) should all be concerned, because as black students at the University of Missouri continue to deal with racism on their campus, black students at other universities are experiencing the same roadblocks as they try to further their learning. As a whole, they are still fighting a battle of getting equal, fair education and should all be concerned.


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