‘Steve Harvey Show’ Experiment Opens Eyes to Superficial Sisters

Twin Sisters on Steve Harvey Show following social experiment.

Society has groomed us to believe looks are a huge part of life, especially among the dating scene. Dating has become so superficial that things like clothes, money, and physical appearance are more important than other qualities. We've resorted to superficial likes on social media or dating apps such as Tinder or Soul Swipe; not an even trade in my opinion. It has affected our decision to date someone or simply be their friend.

Steve Harvey held a dating experiment to expose two superficial women, with the hopes of changing their perspective on seeking a mate. It was part of the Love Week segment of his show in time for Valentine's Day. According to twins Keh and Tai, they dated men based mainly on physical appearance--looks and body.

He set them up with two men that meet their requirements as far as looks, personalities and success, but they were disguised, given the illusion to be "unattractive"; despite the fact that the women wore tight dresses, tons of make-up and blonde Farah Fawcett hair, but I digress.  The women treated the men as just that; "unattractive." They were guarded in conversation, rude in language and so turned off by their appearance that they did not want to indulge the men. The gentlemen were friend-zoned before they could get half way through the date. Ouch!

In actuality, the men were both very handsome, with athletics figures and successful careers. The take away from this segment is to not judge people by superficial things such as looks, whether man or woman. You could be missing out on your king or queen. There's more to people than what they portray on the exterior.

Yes, everyone has their preference when it comes to dating, however, don't miss out on a great guy or girl because of what you cannot see. No one wears everything on their sleeves.

To my singles, this year for Valentine's Day, be courteous to those who are courteous to you, whether you consider them attractive or not. Attend a singles mixer or dinner and be open-minded! I'm not saying lower your standards, simply adjust. The Perfect Guy does not exist, check out the movie if you don't believe me yourself.



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