Spicing It Up

SpiceCrafter’s founder Michael Anderson is on a mission to create bolder, exotic flavors of spices that will bring new excitement to your palate. (106Foto)

By Yolanda Baruch

Meeting Michael Anderson for the first time, I realized that the man that founded the company Spice- Crafters is what one would consider a renaissance man.

He is as unpredictable as the spice blends he creates. With a youthful appearance, he stands at little more than six feet with a sturdy stature like an athlete, donning black-rimmed glasses, a subtle nod to his creative intellect, and dressed in one of his company’s promotional t-shirts and jeans.

We quickly engage in conversation about his favorite  business blogs and magazines that he reads and the key elements that he draws from when studying the footprints of well-known billionaires and successful business owners. One aspect that he found was the key to the success of leading business owners was their ability to take one idea and develop it into a thriving business.

An astute student of business, Anderson is on his way to becoming a contender in his food industry niche. His blend Primo 27 was selected on Foodsie.com, a virtual farmers market that is nationwide, where he sent samples of his spice blend and after an extremely meticulous process; his website was highlighted on their site.


Success has always been an ingredient in Michael’s life. Raised in Plant City, Florida fifteen  minutes east of Tampa, Anderson was in pursuit to start his life quickly after graduating college. He chose a career in Computer Information Systems, which turned out to be a lucrative occupation, however, after six years his passion for the job had dissipated. Armed with the experience of trying other business ventures that failed, Anderson  decided that the next business he would involve himself in would have to be one that he was passionate about because he believed, “Making money doing something you are not passionate about is just another job, you’re just trading time for money”. He made a list of his hobbies and realized that he enjoyed cooking, eating, and watching the Food Network, especially when Bobby Flay hosted his show.

Not one to consider himself a chef, Anderson realized that he loved food and relished the flavors of culinary delights. Once, watching Bobby Flay use a 16 spice rub on ribs sparked an idea within Anderson and he wondered if he too could create his own spice rub. Invigorated with this prospective challenge, he set out to do research, read several  books and dissected what it would take to make his own spice from scratch.

As he became intrigued by the creative aspect of creating his own spice blend, he decided that he wanted to go beyond the typical spice blends that were offered on the  market. He decided to take flavors that were known in different regions of the world and combined them together to form new flavors. The concept behind the company is “Not relying on what our ancestors gave us.”


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