Snapchat Now Pays Users to Use Filters

Sponsored filters will now be used by more popular users.

Regular Snap Chat users might have noticed some changes to the app over the years. Although, the app was originally used to send quick 5-second pictures to friends, it has grown far beyond that.

Global publications like CNN, Buzzfeed, MTV, Cosmopolitan, and even the Food Network have begun to post their content on the app through channels. Recently in-between viewing the “stories” of fellow users, Snap Chat has begun to include ads, leading to a more brand endorsed social experience on the app. In 2013, the app introduced the “Snap story” feature, a thread of public image/videos that the user allows all of their followers to see.

Along with this, filters that alter the user’s face have been added. With this feature, most find it hilarious to see themselves with bugged out eyes, a strawberry face, and even with the face of someone else, but Snapchat has recently begun to see the money in this as well.

On Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell introduced a filter that turned the user’s face into a taco, for the premiere of the recent X-Men: Apocalypse. Users were able to turn their faces into the featured characters.

The free app is currently worth ove r$18 billion and seeing a significant amount of profits from these filtered ads.

Of course other social media apps, most notably Facebook and Instagram feature ads in their feeds. Instagram users with large follower counts have been recruited to promote products for a hefty price.

Fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein currently has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and charges $100,000 for a sponsored post, due to her large audience.

Seeing much popularity and profits, Snapchat is jumping on the bandwagon and is now offering to pay popular users to feature sponsored filters in their stories.

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