Shot And Paralyzed By Pittsburgh Police, Leon Ford Jr. Will Run For 2019 City Council

Six years after a case of mistaken identity, Ford has become a motivational speaker, author and activist.

Six years after Pittsburgh police mistook his identity, shot five times and paralyzed at 19 years-old; Leon Ford Jr. will now run for Pittsburgh City Council. With plans to officially launch his campaign Nov. 11, Ford seeks to fill the seat representing city District 9 currently held by Rev. Ricky Burgess. Ford released a statement expressing:

“As one of the only voices in our city bold enough to stand up for everyday people and speak truth to power, I am proud to officially share my candidacy. Our campaign will focus on restoring hope in our neighborhoods, creating new economic opportunities for our residents and healing one another to make all of our communities safe, vibrant, prosperous and livable for all.”

Appearing to be the first to announce his campaign in District 9, Ford may be opposed by East Liberty’s Randall Taylor, who says he is “highly likely” to run.  In a video announcement on Facebook, he said, in part: “We’re tired of politicians playing us like our voices matter when they’ve already made decisions that are impacting our lives.”

Shot and paralyzed by a Pittsburgh police officer in 2012, Ford settled his case with the city for 5.5 million dollars paid over three years. Active in his community Ford realized that he couldn’t wait for other’s to make decisions that affected their lives.

“I was one of the only voices who was going to be bold enough to stand up to the institution,” he said in the Facebook recording. “I’m asking you all to be bold, courageous and resilient with me,” said Ford.

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