San Francisco Elects Their First African American Female Mayor

London Breed to finish out mayoral term of late Mayor Ed Lee in historic win

The city of San Francisco has turned the dial and elected its first African American female mayor, London Breed. Wednesday marked a landmark achievement for the city as her opponent, former state senator Mark Leno, conceded the race after a close run to finish the term held by the late Mayor Ed Lee who passed away in December 2017.

Breed will hold the mayoral seat until 2020. “I’m so hopeful about the future of our city. I’m looking forward to serving as your mayor, and I’m truly humbled and truly honored,” said Breed in a brief press conference after her historic mayoral win.

Only the second female to hold the same seat, Breed’s win should come as no surprise as black women are stepping up to the plate across the country. Although women, black women are running for local and state offices at astounding rates there is still the obvious uphill battle to fight for the seat.

London Breed is no stranger to uphill battle’s— raised in poverty by her grandmother, losing her sister to a drug overdose and a brother in prison. Breed’s turbulent upbringing has no chance of overshadowing just how bright and dedicated her future is, and the future of her city.

San Francisco, a city challenging a homelessness epidemic and a housing shortage blurring the lines of lower and middle-class citizens. Constituents harped on the need for more housing, as fast as possible and Breed plans to face the problem head-on.

Breed’s opponent Mark Leno, with two decades of political experience in San Francisco under his belt, made the city’s mayoral race a close call. Not calling for a recount, Leno showered Breed with praise for her win, calling her “a remarkable young woman… She is going to do a very fine job and we wish her all the best because her success is San Francisco’s success.”

With midterm elections vastly approaching in November, many seats across the country will be up for grabs. Social responsibility and the call to vote has been ringing off the hook. The win for London Breed in San Francisco as monumental as it was, is only the beginning for women of color across the nation. San Francisco, we see your strides and raise you many more.

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