triMirror: The Revolutionary Virtual 3D Fitting Room For Online Shoppers

By Cierra Martin

As a young co-founder, a lot is expected of you. With endless responsibilities and demands, taking on such a huge role in a company can seem very daunting. Jenny Tcharnaia, however, handles this job with ease and complete confidence.

Tcharnaia is the co-founder of triMirror, a virtual fitting room start up that was a $500,000 winner of 43North – the world’s largest business idea competition – in October 2014. After growing up watching her parent’s work ethic, Tcharnaia was inspired to create a startup from scratch with her parent’s advisory. After months of planning and developing the idea for triMirror, with her father as the tech side, mother as the creative side, and Tcharnaia as the business side of the operation, the start up began to gain momentum and created the ultimate way to shop for clothing online at ease.

So what is triMirror?

The virtual fitting room that revolutionizes shopping online. Utilizing a 3D avatar simulation, triMirror has the ability to render your own measurements to an online avatar that models clothing you’re interested in buying in advance. The system allows the buyer to see how each article of clothing will fit on their body without4-3 blindly guessing while shopping online. The avatar illustrates where the pieces of clothing would be tight by displaying the model, as well as including a heat map of the body indicating which areas are tight and which are loose fitting. Not only is the system beneficial to the struggle of blindly ordering clothing online, but also serves as an entertaining, visually appealing way to try out clothing.

What is truly remarkable about triMirror is the efficiency and accuracy of the system itself. Being that virtual fitting room start-ups have failed countless times in the past, Tcharnaia knew she would be facing tough odds. In the past, companies did not have the necessary technology to achieve the desired end product. However, after working with experienced developers and web designers, triMirror developed a 3D system that has proven to be successful.

With investors such as the Canada Media Fund, angel investors, and being awarded funding through 43North, the progress of triMirror has been nothing but efficient and positive. The company has been able to expand; achieving more space for the operation and has even found success landing contracts with notable. Tcharnaia claims that the most important element in this operation, and any start-up for the matter is a solid support system. Through reaching out to other companies as well as like-minded individuals, she, as well as others, are generally able to create mutually beneficial progress while involving the assistance of others on projects. “Getting advice from different people about their experiences on problems you have is a great way to improve the quality of what you do”, explained Tcharnaia when discussing methods of accomplishing goals.

What’s in store for the future of triMirror?
Globalization. Creating the standard for online shopping. Tcharnaia hopes to completely change the way online shopping is handled. By including mass-market players with the company, she hopes to implement her product through multiple outlets in order to create a universal fitting room online. By extending triMirror to a phone application, the company is looming on greater success. Being that we currently are in what seems to be the golden age of technology, the implication of a system such as triMirror would be nothing short of progressive in the rise of beneficial online sources. Tcharnaia feels that expanding triMirror to the globalizedScreen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.24.37 AM point in which she seeks does nothing short but embraces and marvels the modern culture of today and tomorrow. Tcharnaia explained, “With fashion brands being more comfortable with using this technology recently, I have nothing but optimism for the future of triMirror”.

From a consumer standpoint, being able to shop for tailor made clothing online without any mystery behind the fabric you would be purchasing is a dream. Being able to identify if that pair of designer jeans you so desired is worth purchasing can be achieved now, thanks to Tcharnaia’s innovative creation and work with triMirror.

What’s a piece of advice for someone looking to further their own start-up?
“One person can’t do it all. Seeking others with skills that compliment your own is probably the simplest ways to further anything” Tcharnaia claims. “It’s not for everyone. Being an entrepreneur is really an extreme thing. You’re either extremely successful or extremely stressed. It’s a lot of time and effort,” she further described. “If you do choose to further your company, surround yourself with people that will help you and contribute in little ways. You don’t know who’s out there and you should always look to receive feedback on your ideas.” As someone who has loved watching her company grow by creating multitudes of beneficial business relationships, this truly can resonate with anyone seeking more in their venture in entrepreneurship.


Jenny Tcharnaia, co-founder of triMirror (Photo credit: Nancy Parisi/ 43North)

Jenny Tcharnaia is truly on the RYSE through her efforts in triMirror. The progress she has made over the last five years with the company is truly remarkable. Being able to try on shirts before purchasing online? She’s truly a woman after the hearts of dedicated online shoppers alike.


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