Rica Elysée Provides Women Of Color Quality Beauty Treatment At Home With New Beauty-Booking Service

Elysée’s second business is booming and keeping women of color looking beautiful.

Rica Elysée

Rica Elysée is a textbook entrepreneur: she recognized a problem in a community and got her wheels turning about how to make things better. The problem: long wait times, double booking, and lack of available stylists for hair and make-up appointments for women of color. The solution: BeautyLynk, a beauty-booking platform that brings salon-quality stylists, makeup artists, and nail services to one’s home, office, or hotel. Launched in 2015 and currently operation in Boston and Providence, Rhode Island, Elysée says that “BeautyLynk eliminates all of those headaches and gives women more control over the entire process. Ultimately, it comes down to this: would you rather get your hair braided in the comfort of your own home or spend half the day at a salon?”

Unsurprisingly, this is not Elysée’s first rodeo: she is also the founder of Boston Naturals, a multicultural outlet featuring resources for skincare, makeup, and beauty regimens for natural hair. In an interview with Black Enterprise, Elysée revealed that it was the support of her fiancé that helped her shoot for the stars with BeautyLynk. With a customer retention rate of over 60%, she knows she’s onto something big and will not let anything jeopardize the progress of her business. When asked about her non-negotiable rules in business, she says “If it will kill my business, I will not do it.”

To learn more about Elysée’s business strategy and BeautyLynk, read the full interview here.

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