Randy Moss Memorializes Police Brutality Victims With Tie At Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Moss tells victims families 'you are not alone' after his speech

Every public moment has the opportunity to be used as a political statement. We have witnessed this when it comes to sports, music, movies, even in church. Many public figures have used their platform to bring awareness to various social causes and issues. Whether calling for a nationwide protest or deciding to kneel during the national anthem; we recognize these statements for what they are, solidarity and acknowledgment.

Randy Moss was the latest celebrity to use his platform to make a political statement. Moss wore a tie showing the names of black men, women, and children who have died at the hands of police brutality to the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony.

Although Moss didn’t speak on the tie and its importance during his 17-minute speech, he took the time to address it after his speech.

“What I wanted to be able to express with my tie is to let these families know that they’re not alone. I’m not here, you know, voicing, but by these names on my tie, and a big platform as the Pro Football Hall of Fame—there’s a lot of stuff going on in our country, and I just wanted to let these family members know that they’re not alone.”

Millions watched the ceremony this past weekend, and I’m sure Moss’ tie didn’t go unnoticed. The NFL has been under constant fire from not only players but fans and supporters alike; from the National Anthem to Colin Kaepernick, football has taken many hits. Moss’ political fashion statement not only memorialized those we have lost but shows now is always the right time and place to take a stand.

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