“Queens of Africa” Dolls Are Ready To Slay In American Market

Taofick Okoya’s dolls had massive success in Nigeria and he’s ready to embrace the American market.

Taofick Okoya

“Queens of Africa” – a line of dolls developed by Nigerian entrepreneur Taofick Okoya in 2007 – are prepared to give the classic American Barbie doll a run for her money. Featuring a plethora of hair textures and skin tones, these gorgeous dolls are all wearing vibrantly patterned African prints.

Queens of Africa

The “Queens of Africa” dolls embrace a variety of skin tones and hair styles. (source)

In 2014, these dolls easily outsold the Mattel dolls being sold in the Nigerian market.  Based on their incredible popularity in Nigeria, Okoya is now embarking on a “Coming to America” tour that will make stops in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago between May and July.

Creating dolls that embrace greater diversity has been an imperative concern, a concern met by dolls like the Angelica doll, the Positively Perfect doll, and a more diversified line of Barbie dolls produced by Mattel.  Children’s dolls should embrace greater diversity in order for young people to see and appreciate their differences as a part of society.

Self-acceptance was a large motivation for Okoya; he began producing his dolls after his young daughter expressed to him that she wished she were white. The “Queens of Africa” dolls embrace and celebrate African Beauty, a moral imperative exemplified by the motto for the doll line: “Empowering the African girl child.”

Okoya has big dreams to see this empowerment come to fruition. In addition to the line of dolls, he plans to develop an educational book series that will also teach young children about self-confidence as well as cultural pride. For now, the dolls will remain available on Amazon, as they await their well-deserved shelf-space in American stores.

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