Pull Up ‘A Seat At The Table’

Meet the hosts of the next groundbreaking show courtesy of GPB called "A Seat at the Table"

Anyone can turn on their TV and watch talk shows dish on the entertainment and music industry. Conversations that delve into drama, gossip, and superficial insight into things we see on social media and blogs. What happens when all the ‘tea has been spilled’ and we’re left with our everyday lives? You know the lives that are not as nearly dramatic as the celebrities we hear about.
Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “A Seat at the Table” is just that, a seat at the table with three women— Denene Millner, Christine White, and Monica Pearson with series producers Keocia Howard and Tiffany Brown Rideaux. Launching June 18, A Seat at the Table will showcase the voices of African-American Women. With topics ranging from interracial dating, marriage, and children to black women at work and if black men support black women like black women support them.

What is particularly special about the hosts of A Seat at the Table are the varying perspectives we witness.

Denene Millner, New York Times best-selling author is an award-winning journalist whose insight and expertise have grounded her in the world of entertainment, parenting, social media and book publishing. Millner has solidified her position having written 27 books to date including Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, co-written with Steve Harvey. “Doing television has always been a dream of mine; I thought my time had come and gone, but here I am, at almost 50, doing a TV talk show that is directly aligned with what I’m most passionate about—Black women, race and personal growth, self-love and reflection. Even more of a treat: I get to take this journey with two brilliant, thoughtful, beautiful women who just, like, get it.”

One of the brilliant and beautiful women Millner refers to is Christine White Esq., an entertainment attorney and cultural economist with a passion for activism and Black entrepreneurship.White currently serves as Managing Attorney at White Legal Strategy Group, LLC C with an extensive resume. Adding, A Seat at the Table is nowhere near the end. “Growing up in a family of hilariously wise black women, I cherished listening to my mother or grandmother, talk to their sisters and friends in the kitchen before dinner or after dinner on the porch. Now that I’ve grown up I realize I rarely hear the authentic cultural perspective of black women, unless you are literally in her kitchen. It’s not represented in reality TV or on the news or even in films. A Seat at the Table revives these bold, unapologetic conversations, and allows Black women to talk about the world through their lens.”
When it comes to legendary and brilliant, one can’t help but to mention Monica Pearson, a familiar face to every Atlantan. Monica Kaufman Pearson is the first minority woman to anchor the daily evening news in Atlanta, Georgia. Pearson worked 37 years for the leading station WSB-TV only to come out of retirement to join A Seat at the Table. Winning over 33 Southern Regional and local Emmy Awards for reporting, anchoring, and her Close-ups celebrity interview show— Monica has made not only a name for herself but has pioneered a field that saw little to no representation for black women. “I can say what’s on my mind, compared to working for a network where viewers could tell I felt some kind of way when I raised my eyebrow. The viewers no longer have to guess especially with us being in the Donald Trump era.”

What is it like having a seat at the table?


The mentality of all three women resides in the freedom to articulate exactly how they feel about things that once upon a time only happened at our own kitchen tables. In launching the program, GPB feels that it is an important step in reflecting the diverse communities it serves across the state and providing a platform for all voices.
Although this show offers the opinion of three very diverse black women, Millner says
“The beauty of A Seat at the Table is that it is unapologetically black, yes—a mirror that reflects us as African American women. But it’s also a fine window for humans—no matter their race, ethnicity or gender—into the thoughts and lives of African American women, something that all-too-many rarely experience in an authentic way. I’m so proud of what this team of Black women has created for us, and for those interested in truly “seeing” us. What a joy!”
Respectively dominating their fields and joining at the table has been fluid and delightful for the three women.
From hearing them answer questions to just bouncing ideas and paying respect to each other it’s no question why Monica Pearson says “I’ve learned from each of the ladies in a different way and I have learned to deal and not manage with different perspectives in the process.”
A Seat at the Table includes 13 episodes for the first season which began filming in May and airs throughout the summer into fall of 2017. All the conversations you have with your girlfriends at your own table will now be available on public broadcasting for everyone to pull up a seat.

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