Why Police Brutality Families Don’t Need to Forgive

The families of police brutality victims are wrongly asked if they forgive the officer who killed their family

We have seen a common thread in the countless murders of police brutality victims in the hours, weeks, and even years following the incident. One question is always asked, “Do you forgive the man who shot him?”

This question is unnecessarily invasive to begin with because it is often asked within a week of the incident. Moving past that however, no loved one who loses someone to police brutality should ever have to forgive the person who stole a life in a brutal manner that could have been avoided easily.

Apologizing forces the victim’s family to acknowledge that not only was the murder justified but also makes it seem as though they need to forgive the officer for “doing their job.”

In almost none of the cases, the police officers responsible have never apologized for their actions nor have they even acknowledged the fact that they senselessly murdered an innocent person. It turns the table on those harmed and makes it feel as though they have something to forgive or even apologize for. In the last few weeks, it has seem that being a minority or even making a living is something that warrants an apology.

To have the audacity to ask the question, “Do you forgive the man who shot him?” is such a cruel and unjust question.

It shows how the media can easily switch the narrative of the incident to benefit the officer. When the story breaks, we have all seen how quickly the victim is painted as a thug and any possible picture that depicts them in that light is shown everywhere diminishing all of their accomplishments and humanity.

When being interviewed, the family of the deceased is not asked to talk about their loved one in a positive light. They’re asked how they feel and what they think of the people speaking in light of the incident. They are not being interviewed to have their side told; they’re being interviewed to feed a narrative that the person they loved was someone justly killed. Asking if they forgive only furthers this narrative.

The bottom line is if someone hurts you or someone that you love you don’t need to forgive them. Families of police brutality victims have suffered enough after losing their loved one, the last thing they need is to be asked if they forgive the person who brought them so much pain.

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