Pinterest + The Person-On-The Go= A Marriage Of Success

Find Out How Pinterest Is The Fashion Look Book For The Working Man And Woman

Sarai Thompson

Feature Writer at RYSE
What do you get when you mix youth, curiosity, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson; alumni of Georgia State University, and a first generation Jamaican American using Atlanta as her foundation for success.

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For men and women on the go, it can sometimes be difficult to style, layer, and accessorize an outfit each day. Could you possibly be the one wearing a variation of the same pants, dress, skirts, and tops to your job? Are you not feeling confident with your daily work attire? Interested in upgrading your work look, but unsure how?

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We understand, there just isn’t enough hours in the day!

How can one stay stylish while being on their “grind?” One word, Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social engine that generates millions of photos based on what is searched. Due to the large generation of pictures, I find Pinterest to be one of the best places for fashion outfit ideas.

See Pinterest as your personal fashion look book.

(Pinterest Look)Sarai

With just a click of the mouse or the push of your finger, you can find outfits that interest you. To give Pinterest a test run, while on the go, or on your lunch break, I recommend typing “going to work outfits” into Pinterest’s search bar. Pin the looks that interest you the most and make your fashion folder. Before nightfall, you will have a muse for your next day outfit or your outfits for the week. Once you become fully acclimated to this search engine, you’ll have a plethora of clothing options and to keep your work week outfits looking fresh and appealing. Pinterest is available online, and you can also download the app from your Google or Apple Apps store.

Viva la fashion,

Sarai Ashari

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