When we launched RYSE, we decided that a portion of our profits should be used for a good cause. We
come across so many dynamic individuals, doing phenomenal things, that we wanted to do more then
simple tell great stories, we wanted to put our money where our mouth is.
After hours of debating, we decided on two very important areas in which we wanted to have an impact.
10% of our annual net profits for our 2016 FY will be divided in half and invested towards the following causes.

Investing in our Youth

Contrary to what many believe, we know that every-one does not have the same opportunities. There are very real barriers, road-blocks and hardships that limit the true potential of a large portion of today’s underserved youth. Challenges they face that are through no fault of their own.

Therefore, 5% of our net profits for our 2016 FY will go towards investing in organizations that genuinely work to help underserved youth overcome these circumstances, assisting them in maximizing their chances of success.
We like grassroots programs low on administrative salaries and high on results.
RYSE - Children's Imagination
African american businessman working on his laptop

Investing in Start Ups

One of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs with a great idea for a startup is securing funding at the pre-seed and seed stage. We also know the challenges are even more amplified for minority-led start-ups.
Therefore, 5% of our net profits for our 2016 FY will go towards investing in these innovative minds that are reshaping the world. This will be done, via a pitch competition.
Stay connected for more details on how to submit your company for consideration.

We Give Not Because We Have Much, But Because We Know Exactly How It Feels To Have Nothing.

How To Apply

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Interested In Helping?.

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The more we grow, the more of an impact we can make



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