Your Office Holiday Party Guide to Not Embarrassing Yourself

Rule #6 DON'T Hook Up

Via Charreah Jackson, Relationship Expert


Tis the season for office holiday party (and not the epic one in the holiday film).


Yes, you can have a great time without compromising your career – and actually can use this social gathering to raise your profile.


Rule #1 GO!


You absolutely should attend the party. Even if you don’t feel connected to the team or your manager, this is an incredible opportunity to build rapport with colleagues and expand your network in the office. A more relaxed atmosphere is perfect to build and grow connections.


Rule #2 Mingle Outside Your Department


It’s tempting to enjoy good food and drink with the people you actually like at the office. But that is not the priority for the holiday party. This is a prime opportunity for face time with higher ups. To fully maximize the event, scroll through your company’s LinkedIn page ahead of time to get a feel for new people to meet.


Rule #3 Be a Human Being, Not a Walking Resume


Of course work is what brought you all together, but it is not the only hot topic. Bring up other interests and find out what others do for fun, especially execs. In the New Year, it’s much cooler and personable to say “How are your Steelers doing?” then to bring up a new account when see a coworker in the elevator.


Rule #4 Make the First Move


Don’t wait for leaders in the company to work the room. Join conversations and introduce yourself around. Have some smart questions ready for others and also a concise sentence on what you are working on and excited for in the New Year.


Rule #5 Everyone is an Executive


While it’s important that leaders in your company know you, the truth is everyone at the company can add value to your life and career. Connect with people on all levels. Use this event to finally get a name for that person you always see in the restroom or near the coffee machine.


Rule #6 Don’t Hook Up


This seems like a no-brainer, but more people than you’d think have found themselves in a lip lock at the office party. Your work husband or wife has cleaned up nicely and the bubbly has you feeling nice. But think long-term of the impact on your career and relationships, before partaking in a moment of passion.


Get the scoop on holiday office hookups from Wendy Williams


Rule #7 Do Have Fun


Office Party is not an oxymoron. You can have a good time while your supervisors are around. See it like a first date where you are mindful of what you project while still being your authentic self. Now straighten your back, sip and smile.


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