Not Your Average Sixteen Bars

Solidifying Southern Hip-Hop’s Footprint

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Hip-Hop artist Don Badgett is bringing infused southern style with a twist to Hip-Hop.


Real music lovers know good music when they hear it and one thing we all know is that it should be timeless. With hip-hop music experiencing peaks and valleys, Don’s longtime love for music led him to the studio to develop himself as a viable songwriter and performance artist.


With a strong work ethic and attention to detail, his range as an overall artist has elevated—apparent on his latest EP, The Valedictorian and his first single of 2017, titled Go Go, released exclusively on Spotify on February 7th.


The Benedict College graduate uses his true-to-life experiences as the foundation to influence listeners to follow their hearts and stay hungry for success. With a hint of rebellion, he empowers his audience to know that the way they live and their life choices are their own, and not to be pressured by societal standards.


With his records spinning from SiriusXM Radio to 96.1FM in Colorado Springs, Badgett is focused on using his creativity to push the boundaries of traditional Hip-Hop. He’s determined to give the music industry a boost—from a less conventional perspective. Motivated not only by his desire to be successful, his goal is to impact lives through music. Using beats and lyrics as vehicles, Don intentionally creates relatable and globally influential music.


Outside of his career as a musician, Don puts his college education to work as an entrepreneur and businessman.


“My long-term professional goals are to become a serial entrepreneur, produce good music and eventually be recognized for making great music.”


When he’s not recording or touring, you can find him on a basketball court, writing short stories—and lending creative direction to fellow artists.  


Follow: @TheReal_DonB

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