New York Primary Voting Under Investigation

Many are calling foul as odd conditions affect voting

Following Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s primary win over Bernie Sanders in New York, many are calling foul play and demanding an investigation.

Some of the complaints made by voters were excessively long voting lines, voting hours cut, broken machines, locked voter rolls, and general refused registration.

New York has very specific rules for registration, known as the most detrimental for not allowing voters to vote if they did not register or enroll with a party or changed their party. The date to change political party affiliation in New York and vote for primaries was October 9th, 2015.

The rules were so strict that Donald Trump’s two eldest were unable to vote for him. Trump still won the New York primary.

On Tuesday, the New York City comptroller, Scott Stringer announced that he would be looking into the policies of the election board. Mike Ryan, the City Board of Elections Director also announced that we would be investigating the claims of voter fraud.

Many took to Twitter to warn fellow voters.


NBC New York reported that the New York voting hotline received 562 calls and around 140 emails by 5 p.m.. This was the most hotline calls in its history.

Despite this being Sander’s home state, many are claiming that the system was rigged in Clinton’s favor. This is not the first time many are accusing the Clinton campaign of foul play. Many have also stated their concerns over the fact that Sanders is not receiving fair airtime in the media because of Clinton alignments. In fact, a protest was held in front of CNN’s LA studios, which was barely covered by the mainstream media.

New Yorkers have since filed a lawsuit against the city to give voting rights to over 3 million citizens.

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