New Thoughts Gives New Results: A Lesson on Gratitude

Author & Beauty Expert "PT" Taylor of Shine Beauty Culture Sheds Light in Dark Times

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, RYSE has selected inspiring entrepreneurs who exhibit an air of gratitude on a daily basis.


RYSE: What’s the name of your company?



PT: My company is Shine Beauty Culture, LLC. A boutique brand management consultancy, established in 2007 in NYC.



RYSE: Where are you from?



PT: I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I’ve moved around a bit to a couple of different states. I currently reside in Atlanta, Ga. I’m a citizen of the world.



RYSE: What Makes You Grateful?




PT: I am grateful for so many things daily, large and small. I’m mostly grateful when I’m granted favor from situations after so many people or forces seem to be working against my goal. I know that is God’s favor just for me, and it makes me extremely grateful and strong!



RYSE: What are the three things you are Most Grateful For & Why?



PT: The three things I am most grateful for are:

1. My son. He changed the direction and priorities of my life. We are kindred spirits.

2. My health – mind and body. I’m grateful to be healthy, the ability for the body to regenerate itself is amazing. Also, a healthy mind–I have the capacity to regroup, adapt and think deeper about options, alternatives, and resolutions for next steps. I know a lot of people just aren’t able to do that.

3. Connection – My ability to connect with people on a deeper level, that’s where the growing and giving starts.



RYSE: What do you do to brighten your day when things don’t go as planned?



PT: When things don’t go as planned and I need to turn-up my day– I talk to God, self, then I go outside to stand in the sun. Even if it’s just sitting on my patio–the sunlight puts things in perspective for me. It reminds me of what is important. And lastly, I do something different, spontaneous. I’m a fan of “New Ways, New Results.” We (my son and I) go to a new park, or a new restaurant or go for a long drive instead of going straight home. Sometimes it’s the monotony is what needs to be broken to attract new light, new things.



RYSE: What is a quote you live by?



PT: The sky is blue, and the sun is hot. Accept it as it is, and move forward.



RYSE: What is a simple practice people can do to keep their spirits up?



PT:Develop some type of daily​ ​spiritual practice that works for you, and go into the sunlight. The sun brings out the magic in us all.



Phylencia “PT” Taylor is the author of “Evolving Beauty: The Business of Beauty in a New Age.” She’ll be celebrating 10 years of entrepreneurship with a special college series in 2017. To stay in touch with her, follow her on Instagram @PhylenciaTaylor, Facebook @EvolvingBeauty, Pinterest @PhylenciaTaylor and Twitter @_EvolveBeauty. Her website is

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