Morehouse College Class of 2016 Boasts 3 Valedictorians

After four years diligently attending to their studies, these three men reap epic benefits.

3 Valedictorians make history

Graduating Valedictorian is the ambition of many, but the reward of few. The achievement demands that a student graduate with a 4.0 GPA, correlating to perfect grades in all of their courses over the span of four years. The Morehouse College class of 2016 has made history, boasting not one, but three individuals who have graduated as Valedictorian, with perfect 4.0 GPAs.

The class of 2016 was the 132nd class to graduate from Morehouse College, a prestigious all-male liberal arts historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia. Liam R. Davis, Ian Niemeyer, and Willie J. Thompson were hailed by college president John Silvanus Wilson Jr. as exemplars of two prime qualities demonstrated by Morehouse students: acuity and integrity. Wilson told Morehouse NewsCenter,  “The honoring of three of our graduating seniors jointly as valedictorian serves as one proud and significant example of Morehouse College’s commitment to academic excellence—which also ties to one of the college’s strategic focuses of acuity.”

A Bahamas native, Davis graduated with a business administration major and a concentration in accounting. He plans to pursue further accountancy education at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Niemeyer, a Durham, North Carolina native, majored in economics with a minor in mathematics. He also served as president to Morehouse’s student-run investment fund, managing over $115,000 in assets. Thompson left his home in Griffin, Georgia to major in economics and minor in Chinese-studies. In addition to graduating as a Valedictorian, Thompson is a Fulbright scholar who is preparing to spend eleven months in Taiwan and TaiChung.

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