Moniki Cannon Is Making Space For Black Professionals In Omaha, Nebraska

“My passion and purpose is to empower individuals and businesses to go to the next level!”

Though Chicago is the city most known for its disconcerting number of black homicide, an unsuspecting Nebraska town is a close second. Omaha was found to be the host of an alarming number of black homicides. Of 30 black people killed in Nebraska in 2011, 27 were killed in Omaha.

A recent documentary, entitled “I Dream of an Omaha where. . .” depicts this hidden struggle in bold detail. Director Mele Mason and writer Daniel Beaty collaborated with former gang members and others who have been affected by gangs.

A related issue is also revealed in the film: Omaha’s struggle to keep black professionals in the city. Typically, black professionals will leave Omaha in hopes of finding better career opportunities and a better lifestyle. Moniki Cannon, a career and life coach, refuses to turn her back on Omaha.

The owner of the Gunn and Cannon Empowerment Group, Cannon is no stranger to the challenges of being a black professional. In an interview with KETV she revealed, “Someone told me, ‘you are young, you are Black, you are female, you will not amount to anything here.

“I want people to identify the problem, but let’s not just identify it, let’s find solutions. And it takes everyone, not just the Black people, not just with white people, but everyone sitting in our community.”

Cannon is striving to create a cohesive black community in Omaha that will allow the black population to comfortably thrive. The consulting company she runs with her husband has helped her encourage the development of others and overcome her own discriminatory experiences.

As she says, “Do I feel like I’ve run circles around some of my white counterparts a time or two? Absolutely. Did I necessarily get the reward I should have? Not necessarily. But I was able to grow.”

The efforts of her company are encouraging black professionals to stay rooted in Omaha, denying racism an undue victory.

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