Mom, son reunited 31 years after dad allegedly abducted him

Canadian mother Lyneth Mann-Lewis seeks to rebuild a relationship with her son after being separated for decades.

A Canadian mom was reunited with her long-lost son over the weekend — 31 years after he was allegedly kidnapped by her ex-husband.

“Words couldn’t express what I felt,” an emotional Lyneth Mann-Lewis told reporters in Toronto on Monday, just days after learning her ex, Allan Mann, and son, Jermaine, had been found in Connecticut.

“The words ‘Your son is alive, we found him’ — that is breathtaking.”

Jermaine, now 33, had grown up believing his mom was dead after his dad allegedly snatched him as a 2-year-old during a 1987 visitation in Canada and fled to the US, according to authorities.

Allan, a dual Canadian and Ghanaian citizen, obtained bogus American birth certificates for himself and his son while Canadian cops searched in vain for the missing boy, authorities say.

The two countries decided to reprise the manhunt in 2016 — and US Marshals found relatives in August who revealed the pair had lived in the Bronx in the 1990s, then moved to Connecticut under assumed names, according to the Hartford Courant.

A forensic specialist then matched an old photo of Allan to the image on the Connecticut driver’s license of his apparent alias — Hailee DeSouza — and determined they were likely the same person, according to an arrest warrant.

US law enforcement finally arrested Allan in the town of Vernon on Friday.

Jermaine was seen weeping as his dad appeared in a local federal court — just hours after learning the truth about his mother, the Courant reported.

Lyneth immediately flew to the US to see her son for the first time since he was a toddler and said Monday the first thing she did was squeeze him to make sure he was real.

“I said ‘Oh my God, my baby,’” she said.

He responded: “Oh mommy, you have my eyes,” and then hugged and kissed her, she said.

Lyneth says she cooked a meal for Jermaine at her hotel and they spent the night talking.

“We sat in the hotel and we talked and talked and he didn’t want to leave. Finally, he said, ‘Mom I love you,’ and I said, ‘I love you too son,’” she recounted.

She acknowledged that rebuilding their relationship still won’t be easy going forward — for now, he will continue to live in Connecticut, where he works for the state, while she’s still figuring out what to call him.

“The name that was given to him he had no choice in,” she said, per the Courant. “This is the end of the long struggle of not knowing where he is but it (going forward) will be a hard life for now.”

Longtime neighbors of the father and son in Vernon told The Post they were shocked to learn of the duo’s true identities after authorities showed up Friday morning and led the man they knew as Hailee away in cuffs.

“He told me that he was from down south — from South Carolina,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to give her name.

“He said [his wife] took all his money out of the bank and he hasn’t seen her since.”

Jermaine had moved out about a year ago but still came to visit, she said.

“Hailee was very close to his son,” said the neighbor. “I feel so bad for [the son]. He will suffer because he’s lived a lie his whole life.”

Canadian officials on Monday said they want to extradite Allan back to Canada to face kidnapping charges.

This article originally appeared here, on The New York Post.

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