Minnesota Citizens Angry Over Beyoncé Day

Many are angered over the pop singer having a recognized day before Prince

As Beyoncé continues to dominate the music industry, many are starting to take notice and celebrate her artistry.

Prior to her Formation World Tour concert at TCF Bank Stadium on Monday, Gov. Mark Dayton of Minnesota proclaimed May 23rd to be “Beyoncé Day”. This is not the first time the Governor has done this. Prior to their respective concerts in past years, Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones also received their own days in Minnesota.

Both acts are obviously legends in the music industry, and Beyoncé herself has made her own history within the industry. With that being said, many were still offended and extremely critical over the songstress getting her own day versus the rock legends.

The singer later honored the late artist Prince during her concert in his hometown of Minneapolis. She also made history by being the only female artist to headline a stadium tour in the Minnesota.

The day should have been a beautiful occasion that honored both Beyoncé and Prince, but many had less than positive things to say about the occasion. When Minnesota’s Fox 9 broke the story on their Facebook page many angrily commented on the story.

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Although many were understandably upset about Prince’s lack of holiday/recognition, many choose to state that they didn’t believe Beyoncé didn’t deserve a day because she “promotes promiscuity” and being “anti-police”.

Clearly no one wanted to point out that The Rolling Stones are one of the most if not the most sexual bands in history, including Mick Jagger’s legendary gyrating hips that were far more scandalous during his time.

It seems that many also forgot that her “anti-police” message was actually a “stop killing innocent black people” message in relation to police brutality.

The citizens of Minnesota have completely chosen to ignore these facts and instead focus on all of the possible and improbable reasons to dislike Beyoncé.


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