Matt Bomer Angers Transgender Community with New Film

Bomer will portray a transgender sex worker in film with Mark Ruffalo

Hollywood loves to tell stories of the underdog and minorities overcoming adversity, but in telling these stories, it is rare that someone from that subset of people are actually acting out the story. It is most common with the minority groups like people of color and those of the transgender community.


Every time a film is made not casting someone who can relate to the story, there is public outcry, and yet it continues to happen.


The most recent Hollywood big names involved with this are Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo. Bomer, a white cis gay male was recently cast to play a trans actor in the upcoming film Anything. Ruffalo, a white cis straight male, is the executive producer who essentially allowed for Bomer to take the role from an actual transgender actress.


The two stars previously worked together on the award-winning film, The Normal Heart.


Anything is the story about a sex worker in Los Angeles named Freda Von Rhenberg.

Other than Bomer’s leading role and Ruffalo’s executive producing position there has been little else released about the cast or plot of the film.


When the news first broke many were instantly angered by Bomer’s agreement to take on the role since he is a member of the LGBTQ community; many were also angered and disappointed with Ruffalo for allowing it to happen as the executive producer. Ruffalo has been very vocal about supporting LGBTQ rights and supporting their rights.


Many fans of both, as well as members and allies of the transgender community, took to Twitter to voice their anger, concerns, and opinions on the role.


An actress who originally auditioned for the role that Bomer got sounded off:


For some, they might not understand why it even matters that someone who isn’t transgender play a transgender role. However, with the life expectancy being so low due to violence against them, and them not being fully accepted and immersed in mainstream culture in a non-derogatory way it is incredibly important to show their stories so many can see what they go through.

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