Two Entrepreneurs Leverage The Power Of Relationships To Have A Positive Impact In Their Community

Otis Threatt & Greg Clay utilize connections that matter to bring social change in Atlanta

With deep roots in the community, Otis Threatt and Greg Clay have become a powerhouse in the Atlanta area, applying their knowledge and skills to connect like-minded individuals in a substantive way.

Intimately involved in the selection of the next wave of leadership and able to serve in more than one capacity, these entrepreneurs create memorable experiences for any and everyone from the office to the boardroom to the grassroots politician.

Together they built Lieneur, Inc., a consulting firm, launched in 2009 with the perspective to enhance any organization’s business, their understanding of sales and make memorable experiences through business development and a plethora of other resources, such as public affairs and event management.
“We want people to fully take advantage of what we offer in different capacities, therefore, we offer resources such as fundraising and community engagement,” said Clay.

Otis Threatt and Greg Clay formed a friendship over their involvement and interests with civil, social, and political issues. “We both have an inclination to service…service in a meaningful way.” At the time, Clay was on the route to becoming City Manager of East Point, Georgia and Threatt worked for MillerCoors as a multi-cultural Representative and was heavily involved with the 100 Black Men organization.

Success is long-term and ultimately about utilizing your connections and blending networking with social media commendations. Secrets to their success include waking up everyone morning, laughing, and listening to Richard Pryor.

“We both have an inclination to service…service in a meaningful way.” – Greg Clay

Social media hinders some in the workforce, due to its condensation of dialogue. It has the ability to enhance your presence and amplify your efforts, if used efficiently. Clay suggests the dialogue from social media be moved to a bigger platform once established, preferably meeting in person, bringing all talents to the table. He believes being knowledgeable of the world outside of your capacity helps to become a better entrepreneur and increases your ability to work with others.

“Part of entrepreneurship is following your passion,” said Threatt, “Now, we are able to work with several organizations, not just tied down to one, and bring in new relationships.” “It provides more flexibility and unlimited access for businesses and capacities.”

With success and entrepreneurship comes many hardships, such as reinvention, identity and flexibility. Threatt and Clay both discussed the struggles of reinventing themselves as entrepreneurs, transitioning out of  job structures, and adjusting to growing their business, while meeting financial needs.

The duo houses themselves around an immense network of professionals and volunteers who are a part of the forward movement of the city of Atlanta, including Jay Bailey and Keisha Carter, to name a few.

“If you talk about changing the community, your relationship with politicians should be just as strong as with people in faith-based community, and its the same with corporations,” said Clay.

Both gentlemen are heavily involved with numerous community and social organizations. Clay currently serves as the Spokesperson for the Atlanta Speaks Initiative, emphasizing education and exposure, sharing words of encouragement and contributing to the knowledge of the youth to different schools in the Metro Atlanta Area. Created by Lieneur, Inc., the organizational initiative recruits young professionals to mentor students from elementary to high school about education and the advantages it can bring.

Threatt serves on the Commerce Clubs and on the Board of Directors for Urban League of Greater Atlanta. “You cannot talk about Atlanta with minority young professionals without mentioning the Urban League of Young Professionals,” Clay stated.

With perfection as their only weakness, they continue to extend teachable moments through scouting to help others become established and passing that knowledge onto others.

Threatt, born in Ohio and raised in Alabama, studied engineering at Clark Atlanta. Clay, an Atlanta native, studied Business Administration at Florida A&M University and Public Administration at the University of Kansas. You can catch Clay on the February issue of Atlanta magazine.

Lieneur, Inc. is definitely on the RYSE with possible expansions to Savannah and Columbus, Georgia and further north. If you’re looking to aggrandize your business and/or organization with a customized experience and connections, Lieneur is definitely who you should call.

Stay tuned for updates on their events including Leadership Series and events centered around health, wellness and education through Atlanta Speaks.

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