Be a Leader, Get Involved

Let Your Vote Be Your Voice

By Rogue Gallart, President of The Central Florida Disability Chamber of Commerce

Often times we see many of our young professionals self absorbed in work and advancement and forgetting the key essentials of politics and community engagement. This is a recipe that should always be included when rising to the ladder of success.

Today’s young professionals are certain to become our community’s future leaders and with a 2012 election year almost upon us, we should encourage our young professionals to get more involved and make a difference by becoming active participants in the political, civic and social aspects of their community. As important as it is for young professionals to be engaged in their community it’s equally as important for us to know what’s going on around us in politics which affect the community. How does this affect you?

Current examples are the redrawing of Florida’s political boundary lines with re-districting. Every 10 years, to reflect changes in population these lines change. Those districts tell the stories of their communities and you as a young professional could impact change. In some cases redistricting may indirectly affect the level of services the County provides residents depending on the Supervisorial District you reside in. That could be funding for an entrepreneurial endeavor that you may be seeking. Presently the Florida House is inviting Floridians to start the redistricting conversation.

I can assure you that when candidates get in those final days of an election and start panicking over a few percentage points, it’s not young adults that they target for their get-out-the vote efforts. Election strategies are scientifically done. They are designed to put the candidates in contact with influential organizations that will help to bring home the prize — a vote. Young professionals have not shown that they are a reliable voting block, so in those final days of campaigns, targeted mail and phone calls pretty much go to everyone but.

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