Are the Latest Summer Weight Loss Trends Worth it?

When Diet and Exercise aren't Fast Enough Results, People are Influenced by Social Media

The most universal saying to tackle weight loss is to simply “diet and exercise.” It is the healthiest route and it eliminates health issues in the long run. However, people with weight problems do not fancy doing it “old school.” Individuals want a faster way towards losing weight and they do not care about the repercussions. The latest health and weight loss trends have become rapidly popular on social media. Businesses are paying Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube users to promote their waist sliming products. People are viewing these advertisements and posts every day and can’t help but to fall into the marketing scheme. Although some of these products and methods may not be good for your health, there are others that are. Here are some examples:

Flat Tummy Tea

Are Instagram users promoting Flat Tummy Tea because it works? Detox teas have numerous benefits. According to News Health, detox teas do not ultimately help you lose fat but rather remove water weight. Removing harmful toxins within your body helps with digestive health. In other words, it causes the body to cleanse itself with bowel movements. By eliminating that bloated feeling, the tummy shrinks down to its normal size. Step 1 is to Activate by supporting metabolism, providing energy for the day ahead, and making sure digestion is regular. Step 2 is to Cleanse by reducing the bloating from a days worth of food and to cleanse the digestive system. For $36 there is a 2-week package and for $49 there is a 4-week package. There may be other cheaper teas on the market that will do the same job this one will. However, we must use what works for us. Detox teas very well may provide a flatter look to your stomach and uplift your esteem no matter the price.

Protein World’s Slender Blend 

Protein World has a Slender Blend that can make great protein shakes, pancakes, and other recipes. It can also be used as a meal substitute or in between meals. With less than 150 calories per serving, it gets the job done. However, the calorie count is significantly high compared to other whey, soy powders on the market. Gym enthusiasts want to gain that needed muscle and are able to consume this protein without bulking up. Gaining too much muscle from 150 calories a serving may scare away the average gym goer. According to Body Building, the primary function of protein powder is to prevent injury by repairing muscle tissue. This particular powder might not be just strategic advertising through social media. For $48, 2.5 lbs of product might just be worth the hype.

Waist Trainers

Let’s talk waist trainers. They are made to slim the waist for that attractive “Coca Cola” bottle shape. To sell these products advertisers are also turning to Instagram for promotion. Latch the hooks on and you are good to go with consistent waist training. Not so much. As promising as it sounds, these corsets work like boa constrictors strangling your eternal organs. According to Live Strong, the most common issues associated with trainers are atrophy of the abdominal walls and visceral displacement. To add to the list of risks, they push the organs upward and cause lasting harm to the body. Individuals that want a slim waist might want to stick to old fashioned diet and exercise.


Everyone wants to obtain a toned, summer body, however while some ways are beneficial others are harmful. Just because celebrities and well-known individuals on social media promote them does not mean these products are reliable. Flat Tummy Tea is used to detox and flush the body of toxins will improve digestion with a clean diet and exercise for the summer. You will also see protein powder by Protein World on your feed. Before falling into this trend, assess your body and find out what works best for you. If you spot a waist trainer scroll by and pay the picture very little mind. You don’t want displaced organs just to obtain your summer goals. Following weight loss trends on social media can be a hit or devastating miss.



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