J’Den Cox Takes Set To Take Rio Olympic By Storm(Video)

The World Never Heard Him Coming

Andre Spivey

Andre has over 10 years of experience in Tech and Start-ups ranging from the advanced tech in the US Air Force to building his own educational software company Live 2 Learn Differently. His is a proud graduate of Morris Brown College and Cornell University.

J’Den Cox didn’t have a passport until this year and now he’s set to take Rio by storm in the up and coming Olympics. His story is that of focus, drive and passion unlike no other from the University of Missouri.  The young wrestler, who specializes in freestyle and folk-style wrestling, led the Missouri Tigers to a national title as a freshman in 2014, and became an overnight sensation!

He has continued to improve and add upon his experience and skills.  Cox learned sign language while at Hickman High School, which came in handy as he began to lose his hearing. Never backing down from any challenge, he’s overcomes obstacles that many of us couldn’t possibly imagine. Recently, he went to Mongolia for the Olympic qualifiers, needing to finish in the top 3 in his weight class. Cox exceeded and finished first.

The truth is he didn’t come out of nowhere and he is not an overnight sensation. Cox is a disciplined athlete who overcame losing his hearing and continued on to fulfill his dream of becoming one of the best wrestlers in the world. His talents will be on full display in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Check out some highlights from his matches below:



Featured Image is from Team USA.

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