Humanity Now Demands 1.4 Earths To Suffice Our Use For Everyday Resources

According to the Global Footprint Network, in a 2010 report, there were approximately 4.2 acres available to provide resources for every individual in the world. However, the average person uses over 1.5x as much at 6.42 acres per person. The ecological footprint for the United States requires 17.29 acres per person.

In fact, if every country on the planet lived like the United States of America, it would require almost five earths to sustain all the resources we use.

The ecological footprint has increased by over 80% in the past 40 years, according to the Global Footprint Network.

This has created a global deficit of 25-50%. For every earth we have, we would need 1.5 earths to provide the resources we use.

The United States requires 9+ hectares to the 1.7 hectare availability ratio. Note: 1 hectare = 2.47 acres

The United States requires 9+ hectares to the 1.7 hectare availability ratio. Note: 1 hectare = 2.47 acres

A few simple, everyday ways to reduce your ecological footprint are:

  1. Ride in the car with others as often as possible—this reduces the amount of cars on the roads.
  2. But also travel by car less. Walk or bike if possible.
  3. Choose energy-sufficient and energy-saving appliances such as low-flow shower heads or toilets.
  4. Use non-toxic products.
  5. Shop at your local farmers market, or something similar, as often as possible. Eat organic food.
  6. Unplug the electronics in your home when they’re not in use.
  7. Choose products with less packaging.
  8. Recycle anything you can, as often as you can. Aluminum, paper, plastic, glass, etc., it can be recycled.
  9. Buy recycled products.
  10. Eat less meat.
  11. Save water. Take shorter showers, wash dishes only when the sink/dishwasher is full, do as few loads of laundry as possible.
  12. Plant your own garden.
  13. Buy natural hair products and tooth pastes.
  14. Check your car’s air filter often; turn off your car if you know you’ll be waiting for more than a few minutes (unless in traffic).
  15. Purchase drought-tolerant plants for your garden or yard.

And a few places to shop for products that may help you go green:

  1. Green Home
  2. Buy Green
  3. Green Products Company
  4. Earth Easy
  5. Gaiam

Take the RYSE to save our earth’s resources. While the effects are still unrecognizable, they certainly will be affecting us from country to country in soon times. Check out your own ecological footprint here. Go green!


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