Hill Harper’s ‘Manifest Your Destiny’ Foundation Helps Children Believe in Possibilities

The organization's mission to expose children to a variety of opportunities is so important.

Hill Harper

Andre Spivey

Andre has over 10 years of experience in Tech and Start-ups ranging from the advanced tech in the US Air Force to building his own educational software company Live 2 Learn Differently. His is a proud graduate of Morris Brown College and Cornell University.

Hope, faith, care, love and impact are all words that can describe people who serve their communities. Despite what is often said about the state of under-served communities, there are many organizations and people doing what they can to help and provide opportunities. There are organizations that care deeply about the destiny of children within those communities, henceforth they are passionate about the future of the world. “Manifest Your Destiny”, a foundation created by actor and author Hill Harper, is one such organization.

“Manifest Your Destiny” was started with the purpose of showing children in under-served communities that are typically forgotten about that there are opportunities beyond those in front of them. Hill Harper is quoted as saying, “Often times, we only dream about what we’re exposed to.” This is why the organization’s purpose and mission to expose children to a variety of opportunities is so important.

One of their main programs is known as SEA (Summer Empowerment Academy). We had the opportunity to speak directly with the Executive Director of the foundation, Erika McCall, and gain more insight and information about the foundation and it’s programs and goals.

Erika started off as a volunteer at the company, and through hard work and passion, continued to excel and gain more responsibilities. Her current focus is running and expanding the Summer Empowerment Academy. The organization is currently focused on communities throughout Los Angeles, but they are in the process of planning expansion to Atlanta, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Erika Mccall and Hill Harper

Erika MCcall and Hill Harper

Typically the organization focuses on children going into the 9th grade; the transition for children is difficult and even more challenging in underprivileged and under-served communities.  They are working directly with schools to get in touch with children that need their services, and reaching out to families and churches to help as much as they can. According to Erika McCall, their goal is to “get children to believe in the possibilities”, and to reach the children who most need support and a push.

One of their biggest challenges is making sure they find the kids that need it the most.  Throughout the Summer Empowerment Academy, kids participate and are exposed to activities such as hiking, visiting interesting careers, and sometimes television sets behind the scenes.

Service before self, serving the future of the world (which are our children today) is a noble and necessary undertaking. We all should appreciate “Manifest Your Destiny” as an organization as well as its volunteers; we should appreciate Erika McCall for her continuous work and effort.  The organization holds benefit dances and toy drives, and has drawn support from such people as Nate Parker and other celebrities.

In order to support the organization and learn more, visit the “Manifest Your Destiny” website and check out the volunteer and donate section.

To learn more about Hill Harper and his other endeavors go to www.hillharper.com. For more on Erika McCall, including her inspiring book “Go For Yours”, go to www.goforyours.com.


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