Get Involved! Two Political Apps We Need in the Age of Trump

It's Time to Fight The Powers That Be!

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Tamika Morrison
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If you’ve been paying attention, the inaugurated president of The United States, Donald Trump, is wreaking havoc on our democracy.


Makes me wonder, how much fun he’s having sending us into dizzying tizzy’s that will ultimately exhaust us, and give him a clear pathway to destroy the America all has come to love.


We cannot fight fire with fire.


We cannot respond to every outlandish and diabolical moved this regime makes. Yes, a REGIME!


We cannot afford to sleepwalk.


We cannot ignore a higher power, higher vibration, higher consciousness, or however you relate to it.


Now, it’s time to fight and fight aggressively, strategically and to the very end.


Yes, we must organize.


Yes, we must protest.


Yes, we must VOTE!


Not exercising our rights at the local level is a big reason why we have a Trump Presidency.


Cheyenne Varner, from Richmond, VA shares, “94% of Black women did NOT vote for Donald Trump. Not only did the vast majority of Black women use their votes in an effort to NOT elect #45 in 2016, but historically, Black women have registered and turned out to vote in high numbers — surpassing Black men since 1998, and all other races and genders in 2008 and 2012. We’re are simply not the “Oh well, what can we do?” giving-up type.


We turned up in record numbers last November, but we can’t stop here. Thankfully, technology is giving us unprecedented access to push issues and to fight against We have to push like we pushed in November on all the levels of politics we can.


Check out  VoteSpotter and Countable.


VoteSpotter connects you to each of your Congressional and State representatives. It tells you what they’re voting on, how they vote and gives you the opportunity to let them know if you agree or disagree with them. You can email them and get their phone number from the app, as well as any social media or websites they have.


Countable takes the above to the next level. You can see your representatives in this app, too – see what they’re voting on, and how they’re voting, and let them know your stance. But Countable goes into greater depth on each of the issues arising on the political landscape and offers really helpful synopses on the impact of each potential piece of legislation and what it means to vote yay or nay. It even goes as deep as to tell you who sponsored the legislation and what their reasoning was. I sent at least three emails to three of my representatives late last night from the comfort of my bed. Now, that’s a democratic process my introverted self can really get on board with.


I love the commentary by Cheyenne as provided by


So I’m fired up! I’m sitting here like, “Come on, 94, let’s do this!” And this time, let’s go ahead and be right out loud about it. We don’t have to worry anymore about offending anyone’s fine, privileged sensibilities. We don’t have to hide our hard work behind the curtains of or soften the impact of our convictions under the gaze of white men, white women, or Black men, for that matter!


We all just saw the movie about the three Black women who were essential in getting the U.S. into space and to the moon (and made sure there would continue to be Black women at NASA, amen?). We’re the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in this country.  And we’re about to have a freaking Black Lady Liberty $100 coin.


But you know what? Truth of the matter is we’re priceless. And I think this country is really about to realize that.


Download these apps NOW!


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