Gay Men Marry in Vice President Biden’s Home

Two White House Employees finally tie the knot

Gays Marry in VP House

Sydnee Brashears

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Two White House Employees finally tie the knot. A long, hard battle fought over the basic human rights of LGBTA+ and individuals, including their right to marry has been won. With all the negativity rising against the population, forward steps seem obsolete, however, good news exists on the political front.

Vice President Joe Biden made it clear his stances on LGBTA+ marriage back in 2012 and on August 1st, 2016, he finally got to do something about it. He consummated the marriage of two longtime employees of the White House.

Before this, Biden did not have the license to marry others. When the two White House aides asked him to conduct the ceremony, however, he couldn’t say no. In order to fulfill their request, he arranged a temporary license from the District of Columbia so he could join them together legally. “[I] Couldn’t be happier.” Biden announced on his twitter page about the marriage. “[They’re] two great guys.”

His wife Jill, proudly tweeted “love is love” in response to his tweet.

The couple, Joe Mahshie, and Brian Mosteller, are very popular around the White House. Mosteller is the man behind Obama’s every move— keeping him informed of what’s going on, if his tie is untucked, and getting him through his day. Joe Mahshie, on the other hand, is the trip adviser for Michelle Obama, according to his LinkedIn profile. Only the immediate family of the two attended the small ceremony.

Joe Biden is “proud” that he was able to officiate the ceremony. But he’s not the only one. After the tweet received over 16,000 retweets later that Monday, clearly the public’s pretty proud too. This is just one step forward in the battle. Every step forward, brings us closer to the ultimate goal of complete equality.

Good luck, Joe and Brian. May your marriage be healthy. May you brag to those around you; A priest didn’t consummate you, the Vice President did!

Because really, that’s pretty cool.

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