Gap Recieves Criticism For Gap Kids Ad (Video)

When A Mistake Overpowers The Message

Sarai Thompson

Feature Writer at RYSE
What do you get when you mix youth, curiosity, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson; alumni of Georgia State University, and a first generation Jamaican American using Atlanta as her foundation for success.

Recently, GapKids x ED(Ellen DeGeneres) released photos of children “who are proving that girls can do anything.”

These photos should be a celebration of girl power and individuality. However, one of the photos distracted this celebration and caused an uproar.

The picture above shows a group of girls showing off their best poses in a photo. However, the middle of the picture is where the sore eye is identified. One girl is using the other girl as an arm rest. The unfortunate thing about this picture is, the taller white girl appears to be dominating over the smaller black girl. The face of the young black girl appears to be serious or slightly unhappy. Many people found this particular picture above offensive. Others found it to send a message of racial superiority. All in all it is agreed that the children were distastefully posed in the picture and many believe that there needs to be a call for diversity in photo editing.

The poses of the two girls in the middle of the photo represent domination. Regardless of race, no child in an ad photo should represent inferiority.

However, despite the disapproval of the photo, we should not allow this flaw to over power the talent of the children featured in GapKids x ED. Participating in the photoshoot with GapKids and Ellen was probably an unforgettable moment in the lives of the children. I encourage everyone to focus on these talented kids and the true message that GapKids is attempting to convey.

Check out the true representation of the children here:

Long live girl power!

Sarai Ashari

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