Future May Have to Pay $15 Million for His Remarks About Ciara

Ciara served Future With a Slander and Libel Suit

Ciara - Future

For those who have been following the love story gone wrong that once was Ciara and Future, it is being reported that the next twist in their ill-fated fairy tale is another lawsuit. On Monday it was announced that Ciara was filing a libel and slander suit against her former lover and requesting that he deletes some derogatory remarks he made about her off his social media accounts. How much will it cost to buy Future’s silence? If Ciara gets her way, $15 million.

The $15 million dollar suit is not the only legal battle that the two recording artists are involved in. They are both fighting for custody of their two-year-old son. After the couple ended their engagement, they decided to become friends and continued to live together, but things soon went sour after cheating allegations against Future came out. Soon after, Ciara moved on to Seattle Seahawk’s player Russell Wilson.  When pictures surfaced of Wilson spending time with Future’s son, he took to Twitter to call Ciara out on letting another man come around their son and followed up by calling her a few derogatory remarks as well.



Although it is not necessarily uncommon for celebrities to commonly speak about their legal battles, it is always disheartening to see a young couple who were once in love constantly try to tear the other down because of differences. It is even worse considering that they share a child who will undoubtedly hear and possibly see the things his parents said about each other when he gets older.


Future’s child with Ciara, also named Future, is not the only child the rapper has. In fact, he has three other children for whom he has to pay child support for.

In 2014, it was reported that Future had to pay a little under $300,000 for all four of his children. Despite the fact that Future has put out many popular songs such as “Blasé”, “Turn on the Lights”,  “Magic”, and “Move that Dope” many doubt that Future can afford to pay the $15 million, as well as continue to pay child support and keep up with his own living expenses for the life he has become accustomed to. The singer, who once rapped about bathing in cash is known to have a fondness for Rolexes, designer bags, and pricy jewelry.

If Ciara wins the suit and gets the full amount she is asking, it will double her net worth, while Future’s net worth is said to only be a couple million.

Considering how the custody/ legal battle is being so publicly displayed in the press and on social media, it should be interesting to see who comes out on top of this slander case.

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